A Life On The Back-lines: An Interview With Crawling Chaos Productions

crawling chaos productions

Every day is a good day at The Sonic Sensory, it’s not all about the big hitters of the music industry, in fact the smaller guys are more willing to talk, to take you inside their worlds and show you what pushes them towards certain genres and certain music. Crawling Chaos Productions (based in Australia) allowed us some time to cover the music they’ve got upcoming, opinions on the future of the label, as well as some other thoughts on this and that. This is what the man behind Crawling Chaos Productions had to talk about:

1. Where is Crawling Chaos Productions based, is it a singly operated business or are there others who help work the label towards a goal?

I am based in NSW, a couple of hours south of Sydney on the coast. CCP is singly operated by me, but I do occasionally receive help when needed.

2. What music do you specialize in, are there any particular niches you focus on?
I prefer to work with death and black metal bands, as that’s the sort of music I am most passionate about. I would be willing to work with bands from other genres if the music caught my attention in the right way.
3. Where do you see yourself and your label going in the near future? Are there any specific albums the label will produce worth mentioning?

I see the label plodding along and doing its thing, releasing music when the time is right. Our next release is a demo by a death metal band from Melbourne named CONTAMINATED. You can stream or download the demo in full on our bandcamp page;

4. Australia is a pool of metal talent, are there any home-grown acts that have caught your eye? What sets them apart from international acts?

I’ve been a fan of Australian metal for years and many of my favourite bands hail from this country. Obviously Vilifier, Vahrzaw and Contaminated caught my ear enough for me to release their music, but there are plenty of bands currently putting out quality material. I would recommend; Eskhaton, Impetuous Ritual, Grave Upheaval, Altars, Demonreich, Black Jesus, Wolfe, Bastardizer, Evil Intent and Hellbringer.

5. The internet age has seen the music industry shift, skewer and with this new technology both positives and negatives have been brought into the spotlight. How has the internet affected your business, is Crawling Chaos Productions something that benefits by having the world at someone’s fingertips?

I believe the internet to be a blessing and a curse. Piracy is always going to be around and will always hurt businesses, but sites such as Bandcamp help allow labels and bands to get around that problem and meet customers halfway by offering paid or free digital downloads. I also find the internet, particularly forums and social media to be a powerful promotion tool. I would never have found even half of the music I listen to without it!

6. Have there been any highlights for 2014, either in shows or new releases? Maybe you’re waiting for a potential album of the year to be released?
There has been a lot of great music releases this year and some killer bands have toured the country, but I find it difficult to pinpoint a particular highlight! There are many more releases and shows to come yet.

Thanks for the interview! Readers, be sure to check out our label site and distro store at and score some killer albums for a bargain price!

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