Boris The Blade – The Human Hive

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Deathcore is certainly a genre that caters to those with an open mind. It consists of an onslaught of growls en-route from the very depths of the stomach that only someone with a cast iron stomach to pull off successfully. Sounding very much like a demon or Christian Bales “Batman” on a bad day – mostly to portray some pretty deep  and dark ideas, a verbal hell one might say. This is accompanied by an armory or of distortion, and drums powerful enough to be used in a terrorist attack. To the inexperienced ear  this will sound like senseless noise. To those that have the already mentioned open mind and are willing to dive into the front line of this reign of terror, break it down to size and witness the method of such madness, it will move you give moments of clarity and rise to the cause.

This brings me to (Melbourne) Australia’s own “Boris The Blade” and the group’s latest recording “The Human Hive”. This album is a bleeding example of the progress they have made since they’re debut EP “Tides Of Damnation”.  “The Human Hive” is quite straight to the point letting the listener know the next nine tracks are going to be; a full scale attack against our ear drums, and anyone with a pacemaker should be wary of listening to the album in full. This recording will take you captive and  it does not let up the on the path of destruction. When you listen to this you must be ready for a brutal skin tearing bone breaking chest penetrating example of heavy. The duration of this recording the drums resemble an Apache attack, guitars that will make make buildings fall, and vocals that could just well summon the next zombie apocalypse.

Since Boris The Blade has ignited their barrage or unforgiving hate against us they have raped and pillaged their way around parts of the globe. Although they have a long way to go they are off to a pretty good start, it’s definitely a great start. “The Human Hive” is definitely a massive step to making a good imprint on the deathcore charts around there world. I’m expecting to hear good reports all around the globe on  this particular recording as it has everything you want in a deathcore album. The only thing this recording lacks is versatility. However if you want to listen to deathcore no one really wants it watered down with anything else. This album has basically been on repeat for a good couple of hours now and no signs of boredom have set in. You recognize from the first track “Serpents Crown” that the boys would of had an epic experience in both writing and recording this album, not lacking in passion at all through out the whole nine tracks. I have no problem at all handing  “The Human Hive”.



1. Serpents Crown

2. Spawn Of Agony

3. Mortal Procession

4. Atrophy

5. Desolation

6. Malevolent

7. Ritual

8. The Human Hive

9. Eternal Ruin

10. Eulogy

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