Question Time with Catapult The Dead

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1. You guys have a rather provoking band name, where did it come from, was it created by some form of influence?


During the Middle Ages, at the time of the bubonic plague, catapulting the infected corpses and their excrement over castle was one of the earliest forms of biological warfare.


2. How was the recording process, “All Is Sorrow” is quite an expansive release with lots of layering. Was it drawn out piece by piece or was it pretty smooth overall?


It was a difficult and lengthy process for us, but, we had a lot of fun doing it. We decided to undertake the recording process ourselves, outside of our day jobs, with the little spare time we have.  It was really a very trying task to work on a 37 minute song with 6 people to track as far as engineering goes. Once we had the scratch tracks and drums down it all came together piece by piece nice and easy. Most of it was done sitting in our bedroom studio so it was a pretty comfortable atmosphere. The drums were recorded in an industrial warehouse in town and we found a place with nice baby grand piano that let us come in and track. Overall it was pretty smooth and we learned a lot in the process.

catapult the dead


3. How would you describe “All Is Sorrow’s” album art? Who developed it?


Adrian Brouchy, who pens under the name, “Coven Illustración” did the artwork. We are big fans of his work and were ecstatic when we saw what he put together. Oddly, the first thing we actually released as a band was music video that we filmed and edited ourselves for the portion of “All Is Sorrow” known as Valencia. Coven used concepts from our video to develop the art work. It is strangely coincidental, but, he is from Valencia, Spain.  


4. Your newest album features both a lone track which encompasses the entity of the record and tracks that are the album split into accessible sections. Why did you guys feel the need to separate this slab of metal?


This has been a topic of debate recently within the band. This is our very first release and it is really geared toward being played on a physical medium, such as vinyl or tape. In this day and age we would be silly to not offer it digitally, but giving someone a 37-minute digital track seemed a bit much. We were trying to make everyone happy and figured that we would offer it both ways and let the listener decide how they wanted to experience “All Is Sorrow.” Seemingly, all its done is caused confusion or made people upset that they were forced into getting two different copies of the album. We still have it released as such, but that may be changing in the near future.


5. Where are the band’s influences from? Not just musically but also contextually?


Musically we all come from very different backgrounds. Our vocalist, Ben, had the overall concept for what our sound should be. He really made us all play out of our comfort zones and made us think more about the layering aspect rather than just having a cool riff. The initial idea for the album when we were conceptualizing it was that it was going to be a soundtrack to a silent horror film we wanted to shoot. That played a big role in the composition of “All Is Sorrow.” As of now were not sure if we are still going to go through with the film idea, as the music stands up on its own.  


6. What are your plans for the future? Touring, a break or back to the studio for another release?


We all feel a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders with this release. We just finalized the order for the “All Is Sorrow” vinyl’s yesterday and should be seeing those within three to four months, with pre-orders starting in a couple months. Unfortunately prior to the album being released our drummer Ryan had to part ways with us so he could focus on graduate school. We’ve been working with our new drummer and have our first couple shows booked with him in the next couple weeks. New material is also in works and we already have some ideas demoed and are sounding pretty tough. As far as touring, we want to do a couple short West Coast tours soon. We are currently working on nailing down the details.

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