Difleger – Dreamcatcher

Difleger - Cover

Today’s music has changed, it seems every Tom, Dick and Harry can become a bedroom metal master and unleash their own brand (read: cloned) form of music and upload it to the internet with a matter of minutes. It’s only natural that an industry so diverse can shift, modify, change, grow and develop. It’s especially apparent that in the world of extreme metal that a post metal group can bring together so many elements including that of winding drone, crushing sludge metal and even ambient to unleash what’s a different listen from most metal hybrids. Difleger’s ‘Dreamcatcher’ brings mysticism and intrigue to the listener providing a soundscape that makes more sense with repeated listens. At just under forty minutes of run-time, ‘Dreamcatcher’ is quite an accessible release, despite the genres that play back and forth. For Difleger, ‘Dreamcatcher’ showcases a band on the brink of earning a world renowned sound and with that, many fans to come.

Despite having a sound so varied in its bleakness, Difleger has some rather odd track titles. The likes of “Sinking Ship”, “Rat Race”, and “Swag” don’t sound like your average post-apocalyptic, estranged, deeper meaning track names but regardless of the somewhat quirk-able names Dreamcatcher’s tracks shape the album into what it is. It’s easy to get lost in the vibe-ing aesthetics of Dreamcatcher. The contrast between tracks can be rather surprising, Take two worlds, flip them upside down and add another on the side. It takes two minds and multiple listens to fully appreciate the ambient drones, the experimental sludge and winding post metal.

It’s complex yes, but makes all the sense that it should. It’s almost a shame that an album such as this will not grace the ears of the listener, (nor even know of the band’s existence). Dreamcatcher is a solid release and at forty-minutes, Difleger’s album is memorable, peppered with highlights. Take the opening track for example; “Sinking Ship” is an atmosphere building, genre crossing track that doesn’t quite tell the album’s sound. It’s a good thing, that’s for sure. It leaves you waiting as the rest of the album shapes, twists and becomes all that ‘Dreamcatcher’ truly is.

Overall, it matters not whether you enjoy the back and forth between genres. The soundscapes speak plainly, this is not a humble grab for attention, playing on the trends of the extreme metal community. This is how Difleger wants it to be, the music is as pure as they can make it, catering to themselves before all others. Take it for what it is, rather than what you want it to be. ‘Dreamcatcher’ is a defining album for a band currently waiting for the next dawn.


1. Sinking ship
2. Mind extract
3. The words
4. A Fallen Bird
5. Swag
6. Rat race
7. Light where I live
8. Glacier
9. Walhall


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