Contaminated – Pestilential Decay



Contaminated bring the pain. ‘Pestilential Decay’ is an outright slab of Australian old school guttural death made only to kick your ass. It’s weird that music from your own shores can engage you more than that of any international artist. Think about it, what really sets a home-grown act apart from the best of the industry? For most it comes down to a simple measure of pride…

“Look what the guys from our country are capable of!”

It doesn’t matter if some international act is critically acclaimed, has the recognition of its peers. When you know the band comes from the same spit of land you occupy, it means something else entirely. As for Contaminated, ‘Pestilential Decay’ speaks of aggression, rot, death and all those other things we love in the death metal genre, but it’s far from mindless. With a flair for the old-school death, Contaminated don’t rely on technical “wankery”, anachronistic saxophone samples or cliched back and forth between shoe-gaze and pretty white metal. This is straight to the point, brutal, intense and without remorse. The way it’s supposed to be.

From the murky production through to the outright shift in tempo, Contaminated showcases the utmost in sludge filled old school death metal. Blast beats to half paced riffs, it’s not special – – it’s supreme.



Track Listing:

1. Untold Depths

2. Forlorn and Desolate

3. Formless Wastes

4. Pestilential Decay

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