Robert’s May Report, 2014

Sometimes it’s hard to articulate some of the greater albums of the year. There’s comparisons between years, past albums, things you haven’t heard before, things you’d rather forget but ultimately it all comes down to what has left this particular reviewer with a lasting impression in the year 2014 thus far?

This list will be un-ranked, far from definitive and short to allow the reader’s mind to speculate as to what will make my Album Of The Year.

1. Black Anvil – Hail Death

black anvil


Hail Death unquestionably silences many acts this year. With a style dancing between the worlds of black, death, traditional and groove it’s accessibility highlights the band’s overall talent for song writing. Black Anvil command a following, whether you like it or not. Metallica wish they had these riffs, Emperor would be proud, Mayhem could learn a thing or two. Check out: “Until The End”

2. Lord Mantis – Death Mask


As if I needed an excuse to get this here. Lord Mantis continue their reign of terror on the world of sonic terror. Death Mask continues where Pervertor left off, adding intensity to catchy sludge, this is the death mask you’ll be happy to wear over and over again. Make sure you check “Three Crosses”.

3. Insomnium – Shadows of the Dying Sun

Insomnium Shadows

These guys have been around the block, it’s getting ridiculous, that Insomnium have the steady releases that reveal a wealth of song-writing experience. Shadows Of The Dying Sun is an excellent release sure to hit many end of year lists. With it’s smooth melodic death, practiced rhythms and tight melodies, if you haven’t had the distinct pleasure of hearing this, bump it to the top of your list.

4. Killer Be Killed – Killer Be Killed


Killer Be Killed - Killer Be Killed - ArtworkA super-group to end all super-groups. Killer Be Killed is filled with Mastodon, Mars Volta, Soulfly and The Dillinger Escape Plan. A triple vocal onslaught that gives life to an album that sounds like none of the above mentioned bands. It’s heavy, not to mention catchy as the common cold. The likes of Troy Sanders, Max Cavalera, Greg Puciato, and David Elitch show they know their way around a track, the band’s self-titled debut is chock full of highlights.

It’s important to realize there’s more to come for the year. Agalloch, Opeth, a new Tool album (hahaha). The year is far from over.

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