Výnterache – Recollections

CD100_outRecollections is an album for remembrance, somber and complete Vynterache make an ambient doom album relate-able to its listeners’ more complacent moments.  Sure, most doom is meant to make you think, reflect and wonder, but how many albums actually bridge the gap between sound and feeling?

Výnterache is a revitalization of sorts, not in the way that the genre is getting a remodel, rather the mood is a shift from the extra long dirge that one man acts like Until Death Overtakes Me are infamous for. Recollections makes the most out of decadent atmospheres, twisting ambiance and traditional funeral doom. Even when listening to Recollections, it’s hard to remember that this in fact an EP, with a full-length on the way it could be said that this twenty-five minute recording is only a sample of what is to come.

Výnterache is an intense listening experience, often contrasting in its own reflective state. It’s not anything new  in any of its tertiary genre tags, but when everything comes together, it’s melodic and captivating at the same time. Created by a sole member, the music’s direction is quite focused, clear but relaxed in production. It’s interesting that this release didn’t get a ‘million dollar’ production/mixing, it adds to the atmosphere, allowing the music to swell, release and breathe. As a whole the album excels in its softer moments, outweighing the ‘heavier’ moments tracks like “As the Meadows Lie Hushed” showcase just what it takes to appeal to the listeners’ of the genre. It’s simple yes, but incredibly well done.

Overall, Výnterache’s Recollection is a worthy EP to support the doom metal fanatics, and with more music to come this one man ambient doom project is only going to build on this release. Being partial to long dirge’s hopefully there will be some megalithic opuses to rouse my inner funeral doom. Time will tell however as the album reaches more and more into the listeners’ deeper mind.


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