Deep In Hate – Chronicles of Oblivion

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Death metal is an interesting breed of the larger, ever-reaching genre. Most will tell you that the “core’s” of the genre have died, for the most part it’s true, but it’s not as obvious as that sounds. Come back to roots of the metal industry; people argue that today’s music hasn’t got the same impact that the likes of Mayhem, King Diamond or the mainstream Iron Maiden, Pantera…. you see where this is going. The modern metal scene is full of talent, full to the point of exploding. Sure enough for every quality act out there, there’s going to be a few duds, call it the yin and yang of quality control. After all, if there’s no duds in the industry, then what are we reviewers to do? How would we compare between one act and another? It’s important to realize that there’s too much negativity in today’s music scene (and I’m not just talking metal) but we shouldn’t lose fact that without the negativity, the positives have less meaning and are less worthy of our time. Fortunately, it’s not so.

So what does all that mean for Deep In Hate’s debut release on label Kaotoxin Records? Simply that Chronicles of Oblivion is one of those positives destined to make extreme metal fans happy for years to come. For most, it’s easy to dismiss a release from a humble label. Chronicles of Oblivion is a full-forced, brutal sonic assault charged with the intensity of the genre’s finest acts. It’s tight, efficient and somewhat mechanical given that Deep In Hate’s polished sound is so fresh in the ears of the modern death metal aficionado. Sure death metal is beginning to become a dime a dozen but there are a few who excel where others ebb. At thirty-five minutes, Chronicles of Oblivion is a solid effort in death metal masculinity, over before it becomes tiresome, bloated and all too much. That’s exactly what it’s meant to be. A full on sonic assault, made to pummel the listener. It’s fast, heavy, filled with a flair for groove. Dissonant riffs meet flawless blast beats and guttural growls. It’s strong, forceful and at times suffocating. The band’s musical presence shines through the murk and the snare becomes a testament to the genre’s ability to constantly  regenerate, flow and move forward. We all know this particular brand of metal is not for the light hearts, nor does it matter. We all know that blast-beating, murk-filled howlers cater to  a select few in the music industry, at least we can say they know what they like.

Chronicles of Oblivion is just the right length. Even the tracks separate length add to the album’s overall scheme of things. After a short introduction, the album kicks into full speed, sonic warfare. “Genesis of Void” is a catchy rendition of what the entire album holds. It doesn’t stop with the opening track. Featuring the likes of both a current and ex-Aborted vocalist, some will at least have some indication of what this will sound like. Crystal clear production allows this thick sound to procreate, it aids the harsh growls to punch through the instrumental aspects of Deep In Hate’s soundscape.

Overall, if you’re into no frills modern death, look no further. Put it on, play it loud, beat your head. The groove is unmistakable. Take what you know about genre stereotypes and disregard them, Chronicles Of Oblivion is everything you want in a modern day extreme release. There’s no pretentiousness, no gimmicks – – just solid death, get on it. 


1. Introduction
2. Genesis of void
3. The cattle procession
4. Altars of lies
5. New republic
6. The unheard prayers
7. The divide
8. Wingless gods
9. Beyond


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