Nafarmaan – Quayamat Lullaby

Quayamat Lullaby

It’s little matter that the industry has become bloated over the course of the last fifteen years. The internet has seen a rise in availability, promotion, listening, sales, ease of access and with that a countless number of bands ever-reaching for the attention of fans. Many argue that the internet has watered down the metal industry, created the demise of many bands through pirating and file sharing. The answer is yes, but more often than not those who stand behind that particular wall of defiance don’t see the fact that metal would not be as expansive and so easily obtained without the world wide web, hell, would you have even heard of your favorite band?

Quayamat Lullaby stands a testament to the fact that without the internet, some of us would never be graced with filthy riffs and viable black metal with replay value.  Nafarmaan have created something that brings the nostalgic feels of the for-fathers of metal and interlaces them with modern nuances that allows this group to stand well on its own two feet. Even the old motto “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” applies to Nafarmaan’s ‘Quayamat Lullaby’. With a soundscape that hearkens a return to the good old days. Take the opener (and title track) for example; “Quayamat Lullaby” is a gut-twisting slab of primal black metal, twisted by a sufficient amount of death metal influence to keep the flow going. Snarling vocals meet crashing cymbals and blistering drum kicks. The track is a great way to start the album of the same name-sake. Plodding riffs meet energetic even passages, but it’s the production of the record that really lifts Quayamat Lullaby to new heights.

Grudged, raw, fast paced and very unpolished. The production matches the music completely, fans won’t want this to be crystal clear and void of life. It’s the raw energy that shifts each individual aspect into clear focus, rather than choking a mess of sounds together. The vocals rasp clearly over the mix, complemented by the instrumental effort rather than competing for the sonic spot light. The rest of the release follows suit, making the most of this dirty (yet smooth) mix. It’s not a million dollar recording, neither is it a microphone in a tin shed. The studio effort sits in the middle, exactly where it should.

Overall if you like the older breeds of metal, this is something you should certainly pick up. Thank the internet for providing such a wealth in bands, albums, bringing us music from all corners of the globe. Sure the internet may seem like a double edged sword, but its positives far outweigh the negatives. Despite being so short, there’s a lot going on here. Quayamat Lullaby is a solid effort made for repeat listens, backed in a live setting.



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