Sithter – Evilfucker


Forrest Gump’s mother once said, “Lahf is lahk a boxa chocolits, you nevah know whatcha gonna git.” And so it is with Japanese music, where most bands from that country throw curve balls in the direction of the listener, not just once or twice on each album, but often several times during the same song.

Not so with the band Sithter; their newest album Evilfucker is pure unadulterated sludge and unashamed Eyehategod worship, particularly their In The Name Of Suffering era right down to the vocal style of Hiroyuki Takano. However, where Eyehategod has a southern/blues undercurrent, Sithter follows a crustier path. Sithter consists of Hiroyuki Takano-Guitar/Vocals, Wahei Gotoh-Bass,Takefumi Matsuda-Drums and Hyo Kagawa-Guitar. A demo was released in 2007 followed by the 3 songs from Hell demo in 2013, neither of which prepares you for the sulfurous onslaught that awaits you with Evilfucker. “Death Sonic Cemetary”opens the album in classic EHG style, but whereas EHG have developed a slightly more polished approach with their latest offering,Death Sonic Cemetary retains an altogether gnarlier sound akin to the aforementioned “In The Name of Suffering”  “Dawn Of New destruction”, and “Taste The Blood” continue the album like a knife to the throat. There is just no letup as well as no room to breathe; it is apparent at this early stage that Sithter are quite happy to slow things right down in order to prolong your agony, and what a sweet pain it is.The next track “Evilfucker”is the album’s only disappointment, but at only 43 seconds long, you can forgive the band for this one moment of indiscretion.”Isith” and “The Distortion God” ups the tempo a little with added punk attitude, but even with these tracks galloping at a faster pace, don’t be surprised if you suddenly lose momentum in a pool of tar. “Noisefucker” adds a torturous riff with an element of distortion and fuzz, while “Smell Of Pigs Delight” keeps you immersed in the vat of filth that little bit longer.

Lastly, we come to the 14-minute “Children Of The Damned”, the slowest track on the album, and perhaps the most accessible if you can call it that. Not that it is any less heavy than the rest of the album, it’s just that there is a meandering guitar solo with a stoner vibe that has somehow found its way in here straight from a Windhand album. Come the end of June, there will be countless “Best of 2014 So Far” lists springing up all over the web. Evilfucker by Sithter deserves to be right up there at the top of the list for any sludge connoisseur. It will certainly be at the top of mine.

Track list:

1. Death Sonic Cemetery

2. Dawn Of New Destruction

3. Taste The Blood

4. Evilfucker

5. Isith

6. My Distortion God

7. Noisefucker

8. Smell Of Pigs Delight

9. Children Of The Damned

Rating: 4.6/5


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