Widuz – MCMIV

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At every album’s core there remains two ways to think about what it takes to make a decent amount of head way. Deep down we all know that every album is not going to have what it takes to push past the stereotypes, the traditional values, and make an impression in an over-saturated, polluted in a rather dime a dozen genre. Sure, this sounds cynical, a little harsh but without the negatives it becomes harder to face the positives, and realize when you’re onto something special.

Lately I’ve been into a host of underground bands, finding pleasure in bringing the music and label into mainstream circulation just that little bit. At a basic level it’s the point of reviewing, bringing bands to new potential listeners. That brings me to Wolfmond Production’s Widuz and the new MCMIV. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, it’s yet another obscure and unheard black metal release, but it’s not all about not knowing that an act exists. MCMIV is a thirty minute slab of articulated traditional black metal. Limited to 50 hand numbered copies, it’s quite feasible to think that not too many people will actually have the opportunity to listen to this stellar release.  It’s a shame really, not all black metal should stay under the underground.

What works in MCMIV’s favor is its ability to convey its message without becoming convoluted and drawn out. With an essence in sound that comes from the likes of pioneers, Emperor, Widuz bring the old-school flair that purists love into a consistent, un-bloated affair. It’s the album’s brevity that allows its superfluous nature to fully flesh out and in turn be the album modern day listeners need.


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