Fresh From Tasmania!

Tasmania’s greatest Hardcore export *SAVE THE CLOW TOWER* have released a video clip for the first single *‘’THESE DISEASES’’.*

For long the brunt of jokes and a region continuously snubbed by touring artists Tasmanian are now fighting back and showing the music world just what lies within the ‘Apple Isle’. Hidden out of the spotlight, yet rich in value there are hidden gems  that have now been unearthed and ready to be put on display.

And one of these gems is Launceston based 4 piece post-hardcore band *SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER*. Having officially formed in 2010 they took their small island home by storm in an instant unleashing their own brand of calculated mayhem on the music starved public.

Over the next few years *SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER* re-built the foundation of their core with a mission to be uncompromising yet expressive and by gathering their influences from across punk, hardcore, metalcore, and rock genres and developing their own sound constructed on pure emotion and hunger. They worked tirelessly to improve themselves as artists and develop a more distinguished, professional sound and adopted a real sense of depth with their lyrics.

*SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER’s* reputation was enhanced and a solid fanbase started to evolve across the country following the release of their two EP’s *‘Letters’* in 2011 and *‘The Human Condition’ *in 2012. During this time the band has impressed fans and critics Australia wide and captured attention from American audiences and beyond. Having toured Australia on numerous occasions playing alongside such luminaries as *Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, Dream On Dreamer*, a co headline tour with *Alesana *in 2013, and appearances at the critically acclaimed charity event, *Breath of
Life Festival *in Tasmania *SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER* are ready to stand alone as a headliner in their own right!

The now proclaimed leading heavy rock act from Tasmania consist of *Joel Hallam* on guitar, *Luke Vaessen* on vocals, *Owen Broad* on drums, and *Alex McNulty* on bass and their rapid rise on the scene has led them to be now proudly endorsed by Ibanez Guitars, Truth Custom Drums, Mistake Clothing, Anchors Aweigh Apparel and led to a deal with US label Bullet Tooth and locally via Faction / Sony!

*SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER* have just wrapped their successful Australian Tour with French metal giants *Betraying The Martyrs *and now they will barely get enough time to catch their breath as their debut full length album *‘Wasteland’ *is let loose on the public on July 4th 2014!

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I'm from the city of Newcastle in Australia. My main passions/drives are music, food and beverage. Combining all if I can. My obsession with music first reared its prominent head when i was in yr 8 and started to learn how to play the drums. There was not, and still isn't many styles of music I listen to. Anything Justin Timberlake to Metallica to Knife Party to Robert Palmer to The Dillinger Escape Plan, to Avenged Sevenfold. That is just to give you an idea of how messed up it is. When I was about 20 yrs. old I was asked to front a band as they band suspected I might possess a good amount of stage presence. The band & I grew frustrated at the lack of shows and chances for bands to play in the area. I then decided I would make an attempt at running a show my self. I soon met a young lady Morgan who came on board and assisted to me to run some all ages shows which were a massive success in there area. Those days are all over now. To further contribute to music industry I know write for the Sonic Sensory. I'm proud to be apart of it, and to be still promoting music.

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