Enmachined – Thrash Assault

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Bangladeshi thrash metal scene has some solid acts and Enmachined is one of them. Five piece assaulters regard their music as “Bone Crushing Thrash Metal”. They have already made a bang in the underground extreme metal scene with the “Thrash Assault” demo and with a few live onslaughts.

The three-track demo’s opening track, “Loggerhead” is a mid paced thrash metal track packed with some hypnotic solos and high pitched yelling. Guitarist showed his creativity with the starting riff and personally the track is my favorite from the demo. Title track is a bit faster and more aggressive comparing to “Loggerhead”. Track is enshrouded with the devastating riffs and lethal vocal deliveries. Devious shredding technique used in this track is obviously a remarkable one. A thrash metal devotee can hardly refrain himself from banging the head after listening to the track, “Thrash Assault”. Final track, “Piranha” falls under old school heavy metal in my observation. Many listeners may not like the eccentric vocal deliveries of Abir in this track. But he showed inhuman and flabbergasting skills here without any doubt. Unlike the lyrics of the first two tracks that are mainly about serial killer, Piranha’s lyric discloses the masked face of the greedy rulers.

Influences of Exodus, Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Razor and other 80’s thrash metals can be observed here and apart from that vocal is obviously influenced by classic heavy metal and hard rock frontmen. But yes, they are just not another copycat band. They have showed the potential to make something different and meanwhile they did not stay away from the root sound of thrash metal. Abir’s vocal is the main thing that empowers the band to create a divergent sound and two guitarists, Noor and Anil are the real deal with their striking axes.

I would not say that the release is an impeccable. Because of a little bit polish sound, the demo atmosphere is slightly missing here. Mixing and arranging of the drum is not liked by me and the level of the bass audacity is not satisfactory enough. I am not muttering a lot about these flaws since the overall psychosomatic elements of the demo formulated it as a commendatory release.

Undeniably each of the feral tracks proves that “Bone Crushing Thrash Metal” is a quintessential locution to describe their music. I will remain peckish until I am not getting any new materials from these maniacs.


Rating: 4/5

Released: August 24, 2013

Label: Salute Records (Sweden)

Track List:

  1. Loggerhead                 03:36
  2. Thrash Assault          02:50
  3. Piranha                          04:48



Abir     (Vocals)

Anil     (Guitars)

Noor    (Guitars)

Nasa    (Bass)

Sabbir (Drums)




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