Question Time With Coldbound

-How do you describe your music to new fans, to help them understand you and your music’s themes?
 Coldbound is the sum of my personal dark experiences , it’s the dark side of me so in Coldbound I write down my dark thoughts.
Lyrics so far have never been published to the audience because I want to keep them personal, but in the future (even maybe in this EP) I will publish for first time the lyrics (haha).
-What made you decide to release an EP rather than a full length album? Is there a strength behind having a shorter release, rather than filling it with possible filler material?
Superior Lakes Of Sorrow was something off schedule for EP release. I will explain later.
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-It’s becoming part and parcel that the metal industry is becoming saturated, bloated and watered down by countless acts. How does Coldbound set it self apart and what are your views on where your act sits among others?
Nowadays many people around the globe create new projects, bands etc. It’s nice to see people with similar artistic views around the scene. Music is a different medium that you can pass your message to the public. Although I am watching many new DSBM acts that somehow over do or try to copy bands such as Lifelover, Shining, Silencer etc. I think that we are fed up with bands like that. At the moment I am cooperating with underground labels and my main label is based on Ukraine , called “Depressive Illusions Records” which it’s founder is the guy from Moloch (one man band).
-Black metal is known for its certain themes. Whether it’s corpse paint, death or despair these bands will often provide a staple for stereotypes and discrimination. Lately, bands are being held accountable for others’ acts of murder, suicide and other often hushed topics. What do you say to those who blame a genre, or sound on unrelated actions?
Of course nowadays , shocking someone could be something really great.You feel like a small hero. As you and the readers widely know, sex, violence , crime and drugs do sell on media. And you know what? I answered to that response , that’s how I started listening to Black Metal. This business worked well in othe wods.I thought/and still think that Black Metal is the most extreme music genre. Unfortunately there will be discrimination on Black Metal. Even in Finland were I live or in Sweden, the public cannot accept easily this music, I know so many stories of people losing their jobs because they have been part of a project.
-What can fans, new and old expect from Superior Lakes Of Sorrow? Is is a continuation or a completely different animal?
The album “II” had a different sound, faster and more brutal. I have been reading that people preferred the old Coldbound, the “doomish” one. Therefore I tried to concentrate to the old style and made a song out of it. It’s not a different animal but it’s the result of Coldbound’s birth.
-What was the recording process like, any hiccups or surprises listeners will never know about?
Well , initially I recorded the first two songs for the split release with the Finnish Doom Metal fellows from Helsinki, White Mist.
The split release didn’t work for a variety of reasons and as a consequence , White Mist kept their songs for their own release and I did the same for my songs. There’s also one of the very first demo recordings which is more into Black Metal. I think that people will enjoy the EP . There will be a brand new Coldbound song (which I think that is the best so far) , a cover from Burzum and a really really old Coldbound song.
-What do you think it takes to make in this modern day of metal? The internet has changed the way bands and artists promote and sell their music, do you believe the internet has paved a lot of the way for new and emerging acts?
Technology has it’s pros and cons nowadays. Unfortunately there are lots more ‘cons’ about . Back in the time, you had to “sweat your ass” in order to promote your music, (send parcels with demos or promos, being in contact with labels, hunt the fans after a concert and give out for free your personal work etc.) Nowadays you just click a few buttons and boom! here you are, you have your music promoted and uploaded to the biggest databases of the world that everyone can listen your stuff, share it and promote it without the need to do all the hard work mentioned above. Some people will like it , some will not. We are heading to a faceless society , where everything is automatic and expected. There’s a beauty in the unexpected, there’s a mystery in the risk and even more enthusiasm when you know that you are going to make it. That’s what it fascinates me. Although today, I still send my personal work to friends of mine around Europe. This is giving me a really nice feeling that someone has something from me. Wish I could live back in the early ’90s. Haha. I just wish that labels will keep on pressing CDs and Vinyls instead of selling everything via iTunes etc.
-This is a common theme for me, but it’s always interesting to hear an artists’ favourite releases of the year. Has there been any highlights for the year 2014 for you, what albums top your list?
I would suggest people to listen the new Vintersorg album. My friend Frida also is doing some guest vocals there too. This album is a masterpiece with all the meaning of this word. Other solid releases in my opinion ..hmm..The new Mayhem is musically interesting, and the upcoming Belphegor will be musically interesting too. Burzum did a solid release even though he is not playing Black Metal anymore, our Finnish based Insomnium’s new album was great and last but not least  the new Sabaton was like a bomb to my ears. A really interesting album is the new album from Swedish Vanhelga as well. Check it out!

-At one point or another, one man projects like to collaborate with big names. If you had the choice of a featured artist on your next release who would you choose and why?
Hmm that’s a really tough question. I really don’t know as far as I have been never thinking about any collaboration on Coldbound (since I decided to keep this project strictly personal) . But for the moment I could reveal there’s a new band coming up with members of Crimfall , White Mist and Hatefury. This project is gonna be called “Reverence IX” and I can promise it will be a really good Black Metal project.
-Where do you see Coldbound in five years?
Hmm, in 5 years from now will be 2019… Well I hope first of all that I will be alive (haha). Then I think that until then Coldbound will release 5 full length albums or 4 . It’s my target to release one album every year.
Thanks again for doing this, opportunities like this don’t come every day (despite what the masses think). We’re excited to hear your music.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to talk about my project. I do hope you enjoyed your time as I did , and the same for the readers. I want to thank at this point Jens F. Ryland of mighty Borknagar for motivating me to start Coldbound, Krista Löfman for all the photography work and the sessions, and everyone who supported me so far and keeps appreciating me. All the best to you and the readers.


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