Headbore – Strength In Numbers



First of all, let me just apologize for a bit of unprofessional bias, the amount of underground talent that just seems to pour out of this great brown land like a pierced water main from Australia never ceases to amaze me. It’s absolutely ridiculous. No matter what the genre, no matter what the sound, no matter what the style, they just continue to impress. When I was younger and all I did was pillage live shows,  some of the bands I use to really sting to watch constantly were ones like The Dead Walk, Drop Saw, As Silence Breaks, Carpathian, A Silent Fiction, Sleep Parade, Level 8, Mode 9, Superheist, Another Race, sunk Loto and of course your bigger named bands like IKTPQ, Parkway, and Dream Theatre! The list is massive, and I’m sure to a lot of you completely unheard of! You all get the point, though. This effing country oozes more talent than Japan.

The latest band from down under that are right proper penetrating my ear holes are a relatively untested tralatitious example of a metal band from Adelaide, South Australia named Headbore.  At the moment, they are annihilating any obstacle in their way with this ten track brutal sound barrier assault entitled Strength In Numbers. This is the first full length album from the fundamentally devastating small platoon since they formed back in 2011. This album Strength In Numbers will not show any indication of letting the listener off lightly, which is just spot on for a new hardcore metal band. The power generating intensity pulses through your human temple at such level of catatonic that it would strike a pace maker out of sync.

The album appears to be structured from dead weight bass lines opening up to to some fairly dance-able grooves emanating from the guitars. Although I describe this album as a fairly straight forward hardcore metal piece, I can shine my metaphorical spotlight enough on how much groove and feel are flowing from the guitars the whole time. This really gives a hectic, unvanquishable upper hand to how easy this display of brutality is to get into, as opposed to other new sporadic brutal hardcore metal bands first album. Each song has its own flow and direction, and repetitive musical themes are not prominent throughout the album which, again, is also unlike a lot of others in the genre. When it comes to this style, I find there isn’t a lot you can do that is way off the bat with the drums. But lets not just look at this guy as just another drummer; he still deserves his equal share of the spotlight. Pounded out by Adam Day, the kicks are fairly relentless, and the prisoners in Guantanamo bay are getting treated better then the rest of the kit, as he pounds balance and definite into the album. The vocals reigned upon us by Adam Fisher are completely and incontestably raw as the flesh within an abattoir.  Adam really displays a metabolic array of lyrics that relay an inescapable feeling of vengeance and rage that are dropped on the listener like an atomic bomb of anger. This all together really draws out the feel delivered from guitarists Chris Ward and Luke Fisher and the bass driven by Dan Sloan.

It can sometimes really be quite deceiving to listen to an album and try to work out what sort of a live show a band would provide. In the case of Headbore, I have complete  faith that these guys would deliver one high octane Earth shattering performance. They would completely engage the crowd and make them feed off the fire inside. If I could get the chance to listen to this album from start to finish I wouldn’t be able to control myself and get straight into performing some demolition of my own (which I’m sure would probably get me kicked out a venue before the end of the first song). They have already played some Adelaide festivals and shared the stage with some big Australian acts, and the good news is if they continue to fuel their volatile inferno, this will just be a warning shot before a tirade of epic conquests in the Australian and quite possibly the international circuit.



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