Necrolepsy- Exhibition of Mutilated Apparatus

front cover

Necrolepsy are a goregrind band out Bangladesh, which is quite  the novelty to enjoy as a music group. Not many artists have really made any mainstream success out of the region, especially in the metal scene. As someone who has listened to many cultures under the microscope of the metal genre, I was not quite sure what to expect. What I came out of the experience with was something fairly solid and presented a good starting point for a new artist.

Necrolepsy are not going to change the genre as we know it with their instrumentation, but there is a decent amount of work to praise here. The sweeping and scaling guitar lines throughout the five track EP are fairly limited but solid all the way through. The vocal work is the weakest element of the mix, but goregrind is not known for flinging forth the finest vocal styling in the broad genre. The real power comes from the balanced and subtly powerful drum work. Despite a short length of time, the drums vary well and show a nice range of skill.

“Rape the Queen, Break the Throne” serves as the short opening introduction. It kicks the EP off with some female screaming and torture tools buzzing in the foreground. A  short guitar riff and fast-paced drums bust the intro open for a solid look toward a nasty descent. “Putrified Gutt” follows up with fast-paced guitar scales, double bass drum blasts, and harsh muffled vocals to set an ugly tone. “Demented Torture” features the most prominent vocals of the group, backed by the best drum work and beautiful riffs throughout Exhibition of Mutilated Apparatus. “Strangulated Lacerated Peritonium” features vocals that almost sound like a clicking in the background, while the heaviest guitar riff steadily stays behind in support. The group save the best for last with “Torn Gutted Ritual”. Despite only being slightly longer than two minutes, the closing instrumental creates solid atmosphere with a mix of soaring guitar lines with chug-filled segments to serve a solid contrast. The drums compliment guitar lines flawlessly in the song, with the cymbals especially ringing in well.

If there is any true complaint for Exhibition of Mutilated Apparatus, it would have to be the length. Despite Necrolepsy pulling off solid ambient and tone-setting artistry, eight minutes spread out over five songs is not quite long enough to immerse the listener into their cryptic hell. It does however establish a solid starting point for a band that has some really good instrumentation and mood. Fans of grindgore will eat this up over and over again.


Track Listing
1. Rape the Queen, Break the Throne
2. Putrified Gutt
3. Demented Torture
4. Strangulated Lacerated Peritonium
5. Torn Gutted Ritual

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