Planning For Burial/Liar In Wait- 7″ Split

Planning For Burial-Liar In Wait- Split

Planning For Burial is Thom Wasluck’s solo project known for elements of shoegaze, post-rock, and experimental drone sprinkled in as well. Earlier this year, he released one of my favorite records of 2014, Desideratum. Wasluck has always shown a penchant for being fragile, real, and sometimes uncomfortably honest throughout his music. It might shock fans to know this is his most light and airy song yet.

“Mischief Night” leads off the single with most of what makes Planning For Burial note worthy. Using some fuzzy background guitars and drone, while throwing forward a pumping almost punk-laden guitar lead over top is heavenly. He even decides to throw some higher-mixed vocals on the track, which negates my main pet peeve of his earlier effort this year. Everything from the drone-like tones and constantly pumping drums make it clear that this is a Planning For Burial track, which is always a good thing.

The second half of the single features a new upstart gothic indie-rock act out of Minneapolis and Chicago, Liar In Wait. Gothic rock is always tough to pull off, with so many great acts in the past still being favorites for the smaller fan base. While Liar In Wait is not as brooding or heavy as a Type O Negative, they are a band to look out for.

“Paper Houses” is a grand example of how to make gothic rock come off as pretty but have just enough edge to give a sense of danger. I love the bass line throughout the song, humming from beginning to end while never wavering even as the rest of the ensemble build around it. The drum work is solid, especially the astounding cymbal rhythm created from the opening instrumental. The Guitar lead is crisp as well, giving off a lot of the indie sensibilities of Liar In Wait, almost giving the band a dark charm. The best segment of Liar In Wait is easily the vocals. The ethereal mixing of the vocals make track feel beautifully dangerous, like a sexy vampire. The writing is not too shabby either, giving listeners a good sense of story while also grooving them into submission.

Planning For Burial and Liar In Wait created a great example of contrasting styles coming together to create a compelling set of singles. Planning For Burial’s darker-tinged drone experimentation is the exact antithesis to Liar In Wait’s charming and slight dangerous indie-rock sensibilities. Both are bands you should be looking out for in the future, especially with Liar In Wait releasing a full-length LP soon.

Track Listing
1. Planning For Burial- Mischief Night
2. Liar In Wait- Paper Houses

Link to purchase the split:

Links to both bands:

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