Indian-From All Purity


Indian are a sludge and doom metal act out of Chicago, Illinois. Creating some of the harshest and morbid textures in past releases. Indian have made quite a name for themselves in underground metal. In case you have not heard of them, it makes sense. Their sound is not made for a mainstream sensibility in any way. Heavy and distorted guitars, hellish vocals, and massive drums are not really something most people like to listen to on their daily commute to work. However, Indian are one of the best bands at bringing sheer power and dread for doom and sludge metal fans.

In past releases, Indian has relied on the traditional doom metal formula. Vocals are almost always wretched and throaty, along with the pounding drums and reverberated guitar tones. From All Purity brings a new attack to the mix though, elements of noise rock. There are numerous instances of sound effects that add to the textures already put out by their tried and true formula. “Clarify” even decides to create a song out of just noise rock elements, mixing distorted vocals and a guitar line that sounds out of tune and truly disgusting(in a good way).

“Rape” leads off the album on a beautifully nasty note, setting the tone for the whole record. The vocals on the track are twisted and emotional, while the drums pump a slow beat into the track and never waver. This is easily the most patient track, having a clear but slow build. The loud and slow drum beat to end “Rape” is the best ending of any track on the album. “The Impetus Bleeds” follows up with the best track by  a slight margin. The guitars riffs present throughout are crunchy and slow, while sticking to a more doom oriented approach with the building drums. Vocals are more in the vein of a black metal vibe, progressively becoming darker and heavier as the song moves a long. “Rhetoric of No” is the rare faster track from Indian, being a true head banger. The vocals really take over the song, being the most clear and noticeable instance of vocals on the album. The drums and guitars mold to the pace set by the vocals, creating a truly disturbing but groovy attack. “Rhetoric of No” also has the most apocalyptic and destructive ending, utilizing vocals as a way to announce the world is coming to an end.

If there are any problems with From All Purity, it would have to be the weaker ending and not having enough time to truly build their visions of hell. Clocking in at 40 minutes, the six tracks are not quite long enough to completely suck away at your soul. It will do plenty of chipping away at your soul with the truly disturbing tones present though. The last two tracks on the album are really great but they fail to match the level made by the first four. The first four songs on From All Purity are exceedingly perfect at setting a tone. “Clarify” is an interesting noise metal track, but it is too short to leave a huge impression. The closer, “Disambiguation” is a massive ending track but becomes awkward due to weird vocal mixing. The vocals fall behind everything and get swept up, almost as if they being thrown back by the instrumentation. Which is perfectly fine, but the attack on earlier songs are strengthened by those nasty vocals.

Indian have created some of the most intriguing, yet disturbing textures of 2014 with From All Purity. Crunchy and heavy guitar riffs muck up every track, while the drums and vocals are of steady consistency from beginning to end. The ending may not be as strong as the opening, but the slight experimentation makes for a riveting listen. If you are a fan of doom and sludge metal, this is an album and band you should not miss.


Track Listing
1. Rape
2. The Impetus Bleeds
3. Directional
4. Rhetoric of No
5. Clarify
6. Disambiguation

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