Evil Eye – Evil Eye EP

Evil Eye

Hardcore and rock music with metal influences will always be around for better or worse. For every good metal-based rock act, there are a handful that are not worth your time. This could be due to a saturation of the market and what mainstream fans want from rock music or maybe the progression has gone as far as it can. It may very well be possible that rock music has pushed itself as far we can expect, leaving fans with a dying genre that will need someone to break through another boundary. Evil Eye seem to not care about what people have come to expect from metal-based rock music and are going to turn some heads in the process.

Evil Eye mix vocals that are at points slightly incoherent shouts with heavy enough riffs that could potentially be molded into a thrash record. That is not to say that every song follows this formula, as there are some cleaner vocals here and there. If there is an act one could compare Evil Eye to it would have to As I Lay Dying, both following an archetype of wanting to be a heavy band, but also having enough finesse to appeal to rock fans as well as the average metal head.

This sound setup is constantly proven throughout the short EP, boasting five loud and boisterous tracks that have more edge than anything one can find on mainstream rock stations. “Get Out” kicks off the record with an incredibly groovy guitar line that has just enough heft to hit viewers with a strong jab, while letting stout drums do most of the heavy damage. “Back Burner” relies more on speedy guitar work and primal screams, utilizing a well-timed breakdown to breathe life into the second half. “Halfwit” is the heaviest offering, giving listeners shouted vocals and chunky riffs that create a perfect moshing track. “Fall” has the best example of just how good the drumming is, allowing the fast tempo to dictate the dynamic of the vocals and guitars around them. “Disobey” is the real star here, mixing both the fast styles and slower brutality to diversify the attack. Showing off such a contrast is something that can separate Evil Eye from it’s counterparts, having just enough finesse to create a sense of emotion as opposed to just being loud and angry.

While Evil Eye are not going to blow anyone away with ingenuity they do just enough to create a strong base for mainstream appeal. Borrowing from the template set by both hardcore and thrash is a smart move allowing for growth as a band toward the bright future. In a world where Royal Blood have become a trendy rock act, it’s nice to know that some bands are still trying to kick ass and make good music without gimmicks along the way.


Track Listing
1. Get Out
2. Back Burner
3. Halfwit
4. Fall
5. Disobey

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