Water Overdose-Summer Stories

Water Overdose-Summer Stories

Water Overdose is a dark cult and ambient electronic act that is nearly impossible to find any information on. The album art of an upside down cross and the number of the beast is really what pulled me in to listening to the short EP. Despite the darker imagery and symbolism on the front cover for the record, there are a lot of pretty tones to discuss from the seven track sampling.

The sound built on the seven tracks are most noted for creating music under the pretense of giving some dark hues of color with lighter tones to lighten up the mood as it builds. “Nightmare” is the perfect example of this theme, feeling as if you are being tortured and serenaded at the same time. The machinery samples and ambient tones create a stark contrast between the light and dark to great effect. “Ocean” follows up with the same effect, utilizing a heavy set of bass and sinister drums while letting airy electronic samples ease up the tension later on.

Water Overdose is not a one trick pony though, bringing forth some truly emotional and beautiful tracks as well. The two final tracks on the record are prime examples of this, especially “Forest Dreamer.” It kicks off with ethereal guitar and percussion, while the bass and sweeping samples are noticeable but subdued in the background in order to keep the hopeful feeling. “I’m Overdosed Bitch” does a grand job of ending the album light, as well, with the pretty piano and samples of soulful moans setting an almost religious tone. The song is an odd mix of electronics and blues, that should be a disaster but works beautifully.

The only main complaint for Summer Stories is mostly due to some songs not really building up after the starting sequences. Despite setting a tone well, almost every song plateaus into becoming too comfortable. There is a happy medium between this mixture as there are no bad songs, but it seems like each song could become a masterpiece with a bit more risk taking. More use of piano would be excellent as well, being criminally underused throughout the 17 minute ride Summer Stories throws listeners upon.

Water Overdose is a band to check out if you are into dark and ambient electronic music. While Summer Stories is not quite as dark as one might hope for, the light and airy atmospheres are something most electronic artists wish to tap into. The artwork seems like it might mean to be ironic as the album never feels scary or dark as it may want to sell, but music of this quality for free is something no one will ever complain about.


Track Listing
1. Nightmare
2. Ocean
3. Under Water
4. Sad Story
5. Dark ASF
6. Forest Dreamer
7. I’m Overdosed Bitch

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