Centinex-Redeeming Filth

It comes as no surprise that the last half a decade or so seems to have been plagued (in a good way) by a current resurgence of Swedish veteran death metal acts, some more notably than others. Centinex are one such act, who have been together since 1990 and amassed a total of nine albums (including the latest release, “Redeeming Filth”), despite still not being that recognizable when one thinks of the long-running Swedish death metal scene. “Redeeming Filth” is the band’s first album in nine years and since the band’s reformation after a fairly long hiatus took place in 2006, but there’s no doubt that Centinex still sound as fresh now as they did a decade or so ago.

“Redeeming Filth” is as straightforward albeit solid as groove-laden death metal gets, but here it’s done in such a way that it’s hard not to get attracted to the consistent heaviness of menacing numbers like ‘Moist Purple Skin’ and ‘Unrestrained’. Though the majority of Centinex’s latest album is mid-paced rather than melt-your-face fast-paced, it’s still just as unrelenting, and especially when the band let rip in the second half of songs as murky as opener ‘When Bodies are Deformed’ and ‘Bloodraze’.

Yet at the risk of even suggesting the band are deep in their comfort zone, there are particular songs which strongly utilize the band’s penchant for writing sludgy riffs and matching that menacing tone with the rhythm section. This style seems to affect the first half of most songs as opposed to the whole product, but it does give a certain satisfaction to those who are looking for immediately effective intros rather than the same opening main riff for ten songs in a row. ‘Death Glance’, ‘Stone of Choice’ and ‘Dead, Buried and Forgotten’ all succeed in this case, though at the same time also seem a little too short in the end. And that’s essentially the album’s only problem: How short it actually is. It’s not a particularly glaring problem, but there are times where you would wish the songs were stretched out a little more to truly explore these malevolent musical ideas.

That said, any songs which prove themselves weak in comparison are more than made up for by others, the second half of the album in this case proving better than the first simply because of better written material. Yet what “Redeeming Filth” was only ever supposed to be was a continuation of Centinex’s well-respected existence in the Swedish death metal underground, and regarding that the band have certainly done well. The band’s latest thus serves as a promising addition to a long-running career.


1. When Bodies are Deformed

2. Moist Purple Skin

3. Death Glance

4. Stone of Choice

5. Unrestrained

6. Bloodraze

7. Without Motives

8. Rotting Below

9. Dead, Buried and Forgotten

10. Eye Sockets Empty

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