EP Review: Isenblast-Unleashing the Demon Scourge

Isenblast Unleashing the Demon Scourge Isenblast is a death metal band that hail from Detroit, Michigan. Detroit has become a hot bed for some truly talented metal bands over the years, the most notable recent act hitting the mainstream being The Black Dahlia Murder. The thriving metal scene is full of up-and-comers and upstart bands trying to find their way onto the big stage. Metal, being one of the hardest genres to garner attention due to a changing music industry moving toward a more electronic path, can be a tricky genre to become a noteworthy sensation, but Isenblast have the all the tools to get there, especially with the strong musicianship present on this short EP.

Clocking in at just over twenty minutes, Unleashing the Demon Scourge is pure fury and intensity. Every song is packed to the gills with fast guitar leads that scale at incomprehensible speeds, drums that hit hardest in the breakdowns, and harsh screams that rival something coming from Tom Araya (Slayer). As a matter of fact, their attack seems to be heavily influenced by Slayer, being slightly harder but having the same sensibilities for rhythm sections that keep the songs flowing and solos that scale all over the place.

All four tracks on the EP are fairly remarkable with only one being a bit too familiar for fans of death metal. “A Fire of Knowledge and Power” kicks off with the hellish vocals as stated above, with sweeping guitar leads cutting in and out at a rapid pace. The throaty screams mesh well with the stout drums present throughout the various movements, with a middle breakdown that is about as brutal as death metal can become. The title track of the EP is equally solid, utilizing a heavier set of old school riffs and drums that pound louder and a rhythm guitar that is just perfect. “Nocturnal Offering” is the best track by a good margin, using more melodic guitar segments which contrast with the harsher and louder vocals from beginning to end. The rhythm guitar is astonishing at setting the backbone of the track, pushing forward for an astounding solo and machine gun riffs to close everything off. “Seven Gates” is the weakest track as the closer, but there is still a solid song here. Being a bit on the sloppy side and fast, the thrash tones are a good off setting factor later on. The song does feature the best vocal section of the EP, and the drums on the late breakdown are a work of art.

Isenblast have released a great example of what a textbook death metal record should sound like. All of the instrumental staples are here, highlighted by some of the finest rhythm sections present in the genre this year. The sense of staying in the genre does hold the EP back from being something incendiary, but that is a minor complaint when being treated to such a strong section of tracks. Look out for Isenblast in the near future, because they have the tools to make a lot of noise on the American metal scene.


Track Listing
1. A Fire of Knowledge and Power
2. Unleashing the Demon Scourge
3. Nocturnal Offering
4. Seven Gates

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