EP Review: End of Atlas-Immaturity

End of Atlas-Immaturity End of Atlas are a christian deathcore/metalcore band from Dallas, Texas. With the metal industry full of christian metalcore rocks acts, the crowd is starting to get a bit over saturated. Differentiating yourself from the bands in the genre can be tough, especially with a heavy reliance on breakdowns instead of big riffs and solos. End of Atlas try to throw more vocal attacks in order to bring something new to the table with Immaturity, and it works for the most part.

While it is hard to say that End of Atlas do not sound like a handful of other christian metalcore bands, they do have a good mixture of pipes to keep listeners guessing along the way. Utilizing death screams, harsh but cleaner screams, and clean chorus vocals make the songs all have a certain individuality. While the mix may not be as great as Memphis May Fire, the diversity makes up for a good amount of flaws. The instrumentation is fairly standard for the genre, relying heavily on breakdowns and timed riffs that can get a bit stale with more listens, but the drums are the crown jewel of the group, pumping life into each breakdown and riff with ease.

Despite not having a lot of variety in song structure, End of Atlas do just enough to make a solid EP with Immaturity. “Towers” leads off the album in positive fashion, starting off with some truly great cymbals and rhythm guitar work. The spoken word preaching is not my cup of tea, but it does make the harsh screams after it contrast well. “Manchild” is the best track by a close margin. Michael Osborn (City of Auburn) throws some tremendous clean vocals on the chorus throughout, mixing perfectly with the driving guitar and drum lines that bring energy from beginning to end. “Antlers” ends the album well with the heaviest song by a long shot. The screams are the stout driving force of the song, while the breakdowns are heavy and pounding as well. The chorus lacks the pop necessary to knock the track out of the park, but it still works as a whole.

There are a few issues with Immaturity though. Every song has an awkward ending that never lands the way an energetic track should. Five of the songs end with a held note that gets dull after the first two examples. The odd track out just ends with ten seconds of pure silence that just feels too sloppy for the song that came before it. The idea of mixing in deathcore elements is great in theory, but the screams are too awkward in most situations. They either come up in the most quiet moment of a song and stick out like a sore thumb or end a breakdown that was strong on it’s own merit.

Immaturity is a good stepping stone for a metalcore band to come into it’s own style. There is a good amount of skill at the core in End of Atlas’ formula, but it just needs some tinkering to become something more special. The minor mixing elements are an easy fix in the writing element and finding a way to fit the deathcore screams in a less awkward fashion will make for better flow in tracks toward the future. End of Atlas have the skill to become a strong extreme christian metal act and plenty of time as well.

Track Listing
1. Towers
2. Manchild(feat. Michael Osborn of City of Auburn)
3. Linus
4. Sudden
5. Minds
6. Antlers

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