6:33 – Deadly Scenes

6.33I’ll admit it. I’m out of my comfort zone, and I fucking love it.

Have you ever had that feeling where you don’t know what’s going on, but you can’t help but enjoy yourself? It’s a weird place, you know something is amiss but everything just works. 6: 33’s Deadly Scenes fills the void between mainstream and “what the fuck” with their own brand of multi-faced storytelling. I’ll tell you now it’s a strong entry into the year 2015 and is fresh enough to become more and more addictive as the album progresses.

Weirdly enough, 6: 33 are releasing music from a typically extreme metal label (doom, death, black etc.) and although Kaotoxin may seem like an odd choice for an act that dabbles in black metal, art-rock, pop, Tool-esque melodic shifts and even Aladdin’s “Never Had A Friend Like Me” (I’m looking at you ‘Black Widow’) all in equal parts, but all in all, it makes ‘Deadly Scenes’ as fresh as a daisy in an over-saturated world of samey, everyday barely passable acts. It makes me wonder, how does an album like Deadly Scenes even work? The answer is it’s so much fun, bringing layer upon layer of musical ingenuity into a world where most miss the utter brilliance lain at their unknowing feet.

Deadly Scenes will take multiple listens, that’s a fact. If you can say you’ve got everything this album has to offer down in one sitting, you’re missing more than just the music. There’s so much going on here that the journey never completes itself on multiple listens. From the stark and bare talent surging through tracks like “I’m a Nerd”, “Ego Fandango” and the notoriously catchy “Black Widow”. Touches of swing, punk and chaotic hardcore as well as a sneaky banjo line enter the fray – – this is music. Have a look at that artwork for a second. Do you think any music representing the imagery there is going to be one dimensional? Left of field comes to mind, but the music is not un-follow-able. 6:33 are masters bringing some unexpected soundscapes together and captivating the masses.

Overall the crew from 6:33 have launched the year 2015 in the right direction and other bands will have to meet the standards set by Deadly Scenes. Whether you’re into weirder, abstract rock or the dankest of metal you’ll find something to enjoy here.


1. Hellalujah
2. Ego fandango
3. The walking fed
4. I’m a nerd
5. Modus operandi
6. Black widow
7. Last bullet for a gold rattle
8. Lazy boy
9. Deadly scenes

Rorschach – vocals
Niko – guitars
SAD – bass
Howahkan Ituha – keyboards
# – keyboards


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