Atlas Losing Grip – Currents

alg_currents_CD_digipak.indd Hardcore and skater punk is a weird mash-up of genres for anyone to throw together. However, Atlas Losing Grip have done an amazing job of fusing both in order to become one of the more ambitious and interesting punk acts in the world. Hailing from Sweden, they are like a bright light for the country's rock and metal scenes which are normally occupied by black metal and more extreme forms of art. Using positive messaging about finding yourself, admitting your faults, and becoming a new person over time are all amiable ideas that the group use to create a strong new record.

Currents opens with the sound of crisp ocean waves crashing into a shore, utilizing anecdotes about being a seafarer dealing with the struggles of isolation. Various times throughout the album the lyrics attack being exactly like your father, apologizing for not being there for your kids, dealing with being at a distance from the one you love, and finding a way to move forward despite being a flawed human being. It almost seems as if Atlas Losing Grip decided to make an album with the themes of every other punk band, but built it around an astounding concept. Even though themes are similar to anything else in the genre, the kicker that makes Currents interesting is how fresh the emotional ride is. There are a few songs that do not work, but the lyrics are smart and real to emphasize the themes’ effectiveness.

The sound of Currents is also worth noting. There are various genres that get touched on throughout the record with relative ease. The early heavy metal and speed tone of the opening track is surprisingly perfect, while there is plenty of emo sprinkled in the remainder of the track listing. The hardcore sheen is more polished here, sounding more hopeful and sullen as opposed to angry and distraught. Atlas Losing Grip are at their best on Currents when deciding to mix the sound up or strip them back as much as possible though. “Sinking Ship” opens the album with metal trappings along with punchy drums you would expect from a punk rock tune. “Closure” is decidedly more moody, relying on softer guitars and atmosphere as a contrasting back drop.

The record does lose steam in the second half though. The songwriting after the first eight tracks are still of good quality, but rely too much on repeated vocal segments and weaker chorus sections. The most frustrating thing about the second half is how scattered it can feel. This issue likely comes from the 60+ minute running time which feels like too much for a hardcore/punk album. Currents could have been cut down to ten tracks instead of fourteen and would have felt more light and airy as opposed to slightly bloated.

Currents is an album that any fan of hardcore or punk should take a listen to. The nuance of meshing so many different genres together is truly fascinating while the writing is nearly masterful at moments early on. Atlas Losing Grip are already a noteworthy band for the region of the world that they come from, but Currents should be the album that shines a light onto how highly skilled they are to the rest of the world.


Track Listing
1. Sinking Ship
2. The Curse
3. Cynosure
4. Shallow
5. Nemesis
6. Closure
7. Kings and Fools
8. Cast Anchor
9. Unknown Waters
10. The End
11. Downwind
12. Through the Distance
13. Cold Dirt
14. Ithaka

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