Publicist UK – Original Demo Recordings

7 Inch Glue Pocket Publicist UK are a post-punk super group of sorts with members from all around the United States. Featuring members of groups such as Revocation(Thrash), Municipal Waste(Thrash/Hardcore), Goes Cube(Metal), and Freshkills(Progressive/Indie Rock), it is hard to imagine post-punk being the main genre for them. The amount of skill it takes to change such drastic gears from the intensity of thrash and hardcore music can be too much for most groups. However, Publicist UK are bound to release an amazing record based upon these first two tracks.

Despite only being a small fragment of music from what promises to be much longer in a subsequent record, both tracks here are what fans of post-punk expect from the genre. The reverberation and thick walls of instrumentation have a fuzzy quality that never goes away, while the drums are always pumping out a different abrasive beat to pop the song up a few notches. The main difference are the otherworldly vocals though. Zachary Lipez has a grand sense of vibrato to make the lyrics more intense but goofy at times, leaving a lasting sense of fun over the dreary tones. It almost echoes the nature of Joy Division with a slightly darker edge.

“Slow Dancing To This Bitter Earth” kicks off the EP with a good sense of drama and danger. The lo-fi recording qualities give enough of a garage rock vibe to keep the sound authentic, while the instrumental is sullen but energetic to create a sense odd hope. The lyrics speak toward the power of love in a sad world where things no longer fit together, which is a sentiment anyone can relate to. “Never Gone To School” could be a continuation of the previous track, but down a darker breakup path. The story feels as if a lover left for college and passed you up for someone new and exciting, which the instrumental handles well by being more laid back and pessimistic. The heavier drums on the song drive the whole attack forward, along with an expertly timed breakdown that smashes open with massive and heavy riffs late.

Publicist UK is a great example of just how truly talented a group of metal musicians can be. The drastic change in tone from the more extreme past work creates what can only be described as truly incendiary. Fans of punk rock and moodier genres should be eagerly awaiting a full length record from Publicist UK, but also checking out this EP right now to suffice for the wait.


Track Listing
1. Slow Dancing To This Bitter Earth
2. Never Gone To School

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