An Over Due Insight To Isolate & Medicate (Dale Of Seether)

I know this is way overdue but I did want this to get out in the open. I did get the opportunity to interview Dale from Seether about the album Isolate & Medicare. As any of you would know who got to listen to the album, it is awesome and an shining example of how long these guys have been working together on the album! This is what Dale had to say.


First of all Dale please me about your latest release Isolate & Medicate & and how the concept of the album came about?

Dale: I don’t think we put too much thought into it. We write music in the band that we enjoy playing. We write and we play music. We try not to think about it too much. We write songs that we want to hear. We basically get in the studio and we write music. We pick something that we like that we enjoy and we put it on an album.

This is the sixth album that you guys have done together. The album certainly demonstrates a great amount of experience and growth as a band. We would you say there have been many changes to the creative process as albums have progressed?

Dale: Yea I’d say there have been subtle changes but I think largely it stays the same. I think we become a lot better at it. I mean the time spent in the studio and the time spent recording have evolved that skill set. I think eventually it’s pretty much the same thing. We just do it because we enjoy playing music, it’s fun. It’s fun to create something. I think if you over think something you lose some of the importance. I figure if we like it, then maybe the fans will like it.

Would you say after doing this for so long, is it harder to write new music? Or is it easier?

Dale: I think if anything we feel a lot pressure. The new album has to be better or stronger than the one before. Its good though you sort of keep pushing yourself in the way want to write music and to better the next album you want, but you want to retain the fun in it. The more we write songs, the less we have to dissect in the studio. The more time we spend doing this, the songs become more dynamic and they are closer to the finished form of the song. Back in the day the demo wold be so different to the final version of the song, you I think the songs maybe needed something extra. I feel like now the songs barely change at all. We write the songs in the first place with all these things in mind. I think this comes from your experience in the studio.

After listening to the album is there anything you would go back and do differently?

Dale: Yes, I think it’s pretty much the same thing. I mean we did everything in the studio so quickly we virtually had all the songs written. The actual time in the studio was something like sixteen days. In that time we did everything.  The drums were done in like two days, I did the bass in a couple of days and then the guitar and the vocals. It really was a lot of work to do in sixteen days. The producer was really efficient and we like to get stuff done. So yeah it was efficient, it was easy and it was fun and I think it was productive. I have had most fun on this album that I have had working on albums.

Do you have a personal favourite track on the album?

Dale: Yeah there is a song called “Crash”, I like it because it is different. It doesn’t follow the traditional formula, you know like a verse then a chorus then a verse then a bridge. I guess there is no certain verse or chorus, and I like that about the song. I think it’s got a great melody. It’s a dynamic song, up and down, and it’s an emotional song too.

Dale for my last question, if you could pick the greatest moment, the greatest experience you have had being a part of Seether, what would it be?

For me, my favourite moment was we opened for Metallica in our home town, just down from where I grew up. We played at a cricket stadium there. I use to walk there and play cricket when I was a kid. So just being back there in front of 50,000 people, and to play in front of a massive home crowd. Seeing Lars watching us play was pretty amazing, and then I got to watch Metallica play. I never seen them play before and I have been such a huge fan all my life. That in general was just great. It was really amazing

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