Putrid Offal – Mature Necropsy

putrid offal Despite all the trials and tribulations of a world long gone in terms of creativity and interest, gore inspired death n' roll has never sounded quite so fresh in modern day metal. Sure, the genre has seen its share of negativity over the years (really who hasn't?), and the genre itself is a "hit or miss" for most extreme metal fans. Short bursts of frenzied, rhythmic musicianship based on an oft shrewd intellect and horror (or sexual) themed contextual advances can leave the listener feeling underwhelmed by too much of the same thing.

It doesn’t exactly leave a band with a lot of room to manoeuvre around the stereotypical hate seen by wave after wave of keyboard elitists and those that simply don’t know any better. Putrid Offal are a band that live in the past, but thankfully bring their distinct brand of gore-death to the year 2015, making headway where others in the genre unfortunately fail. It comes down to a “less is more” approach and an unwillingness to conform to today’s popular (and un-popular) trends.

Even if you are one of those doubters who sees nothing but endless growls atop mindless grind riffing and constant barrages of drumming, you can stop reading here, there’s no amount of time I would spend trying to convert the already lost and ignorant of the metal world, after all this is a pretty damn positive review.


‘Matured Necropsy’ is actually an apt title for this veteran group. After a decade doing other projects it’s clear to see that this sound has a little more than just a spraying of talent behind it. In fact, after a decade of not releasing music under the Putrid Offal name, the group has eventually become a tighter, more cohesive front than most fans would expect or imagine. Putrid Offal’s 2015 effort brings a sense of hope to a now wasted genre pool, bringing together all the typical elements of the genre without finding a need for senseless experimentation.

I mean sure, it fits the goregrind genre to a “T”. It’s the detail that matters. ‘Mature Necropsy’ does what others’ simply cannot. It seems that 25 years in the industry (whether active or not) can outweigh any attempt that new bands create. It comes down to a wealth of experience, knowing what works and where to draw the line on your own creative input. It creates a sound so fresh, even after all these years, revitalizing a now over-looked soundscape. ‘Mature Necropsy’ isn’t a flurry of wasted thought, nor is it trying to recapture an “old-school” vibe. Putrid Offal IS the vibe, brought back to twist the listeners’ spine.

I know you’re probably dubious as to whether an older gore-death act can stay relevant in today’s often vibrant, polluted and full metal scene but it goes to show that some music can actually transcend a stereotype, surpass the rituals and come out on top in their own distinct fashion. Take what you will from words on a screen like this, the easiest way to understand what I’m on about is to listen to the music. “Mature Necropsy” may not be the album you want to listen to, but it’s sure as hell the album you need to listen to.


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