EP Review: Aesop Rock-Cat Food

Aesop Rock Cat Food Aesop Rock is quite possibly the most cryptic rapper of his generation. His powerful anecdotes and twisted wordplay can both become bold and cumbersome at the same time. The New York native clearly takes pride in being the busiest man in the room as well, being a part of four other projects along with his solo work. The most notable side projects being Hail Mary Mallon and The Uncluded, making it likely any hip-hop fan has at least heard a song from the busy creator that is Aesop Rock. On his newest short two-track EP, he brings forth some of the most fired up work under his solo name to date.

“Cat Food” kicks off the sample portion with a highly memorable track by attacking the news media with a great late verse and theme that could be about how being himself can scare those in the public arena. The drum and rock-laden beat pump more life than most rap anyone will listen to this year, also featuring slightly distorted vocals to set a serious tone. Despite the tone being serious, Aesop Rock drops some witty jokes throughout the ride to get a smile out the listener to show some versatility. “Bug Zapper” follows up the lead track with a much darker set of tones. The piano and funky beat quickly transitions into a much creepier path that feels very organic in nature. This track is much harder to read but has an even better chorus that will stick in your head after just a few listens, seemingly following a theme of intimidation to those less worthy of his skill.

There are a few things that cause issues for the short EP though. Aesop Rock has a style that can easily turn someone who is not a hardcore hip-hop fan off quickly. The flows and bars that he drops are all very entertaining but hard to follow from one verse to another. He clearly has a message for each track, but the level of thought that it takes to keep up is not easy when trying to have a good time listening to the music. There are only two tracks here as well, which feels like too much of a tease. The two beat tracks after are nice to get a feel for the light nuance that he flows over, but are nothing too groundbreaking.

Aesop Rock shows off why he can be a loved and confusing rapper for fans of the genre. His flow throughout the two track sampling is fantastic, bringing forth his high level of writing and skill along the way. It does feel too much like a tease to only have two tracks to digest and can feel a herculean task to decipher exactly what Rock is trying to say as well though. Cat Food gives fans of Aesop Rock more music to enjoy, and maybe tease them with a new record for the future.


Track Listing
1. Cat Food
2. Bug Zapper
3. Cat Food(Instrumental)
4. Bug Zapper(Instrumental)

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Aesop Rock

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