Ethereal Shroud Stream New Album

Since we haven’t yet got you the review for the new Ethereal Shroud album titled ‘They Became the Falling Ash’ we thought we’d pop by to tell you that the work of multi-instrumentalist Joe Hawker is now available in full for streaming/download on the band’s bandcamp page:

The three tracked release brings a world of atmospheric black metal focusing on fundamental funeral doom metal landscapes and hints at a composition greatness found in the likes of Leonard Rosenman (Google kids). ‘They Became The Falling Ash’ is priced on a “name your price” basis (depending on available downloads) so any contribution will be welcomed by the artist although you’ll find Mr. Hawker will be equally happy if you stream/download and listen.

ethereal shroud

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1 Comment on Ethereal Shroud Stream New Album

  1. Reblogged this on Pantheistic Ramblings and commented:
    Just bought and looking forward to hear on my iPod…first album was brilliantly atmospheric and this promises to be even better!


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