Deadly Scenes with 6:33. An Interview With 6:33

After spending some time reviewing 6:33’s new record “Deadly Scenes” earlier in the year I was approached in the interest of sending some questions to the band, an opportunity I simply couldn’t let pass. Shortly after members Rorschach and Howahkan replied with some thought out, informative responses.

1. Your new album ‘Deadly Scenes’ is a rather varied release, dabbling in many genres, fusing them together in a way that’s hard to explain. How do you describe your music to new listeners and who are the influences that helped shaped your own sound as musicians?


Rorschach : 6:33 represents fusion in its literal term. Fusion of music styles, ambiances, energies, colors and emotions. It mixes rock with jazz, boogie, funk, metal, prog, …etc, in order to give you a weird but coherent sauce to spice your day with.

We are influenced by all the artists that made us dream and grow: Genesis, Pink Floyd, Franck Zappa, Carnival in Coal, Devin Townsend, Mike Patton, Danny Elfman, Ennio Morricone, Mickael Jackson, Toto, System of a Down, The Mars Volta, Yes, The Beach Boys…

2. Explain the band name, what does 6:33 mean?

Howahkan : Some whisper that it refers to the verse of the gospel of Matthew (“Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you.”). Some other think this may be some obscure numerology mindfuck. Other simply tell the band was created at 6:33 AM after a very long night. Who knows?

It seems that 6:33 will have to let you make your own mind up.
3. Apart from the release of the album, what does 2015 hold for you in terms of furthering the band?

Rorschach : We are going to be on stage since now and for as long as possible, but we are also preparing some surprises that I can’t tell you about…Coz then it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore…

4. Having featuring artists on albums is becoming commonplace for acts in modern music, having worked with certain artists in the past who would you like to collaborate with in the future and why?

Rorschach : There are many people that we would love to work with some day. Why? Just because we love their artistic process and universe, and would love to share energy, emotion, feeling with them, to create something cool. It would be an honor to share a project with artists like Devin Townsend or Mike Patton. Also if Tim Burton needs someone to write the music of his next movie, please give him our phone number! (laughs). There are really many: David Fincher, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Shakaponk, Fjokra,…Actually there are too many!

5. Kaotoxin Records is a favorite label of mine, how’s your experience working with the new label? Do you see yourself releasing more music through them?

Howahkan : We met Nico, the label manager in 2013 when we were about to finish the mixing of “The Stench From The Swelling”, our 2nd album featuring Arno Strobl (Carnival in Coal / CinC, We All Die (laughing)). For some reason, the signing didn’t happen at this time and we released the album ourselves. With “Deadly Scenes” we really wanted to take it to the next level and thought Nico was the guy who could help us achieving this goal. After a few months, we’re still very happy to work with Kaotoxin and our next album should definitely be released through them – if they’re okay with that of course 🙂

6. We reviewers are constantly looking forward, are you guys anticipating any releases in 2015? Which albums do you expect to make it big?

Rorschach : The album I wait for is of course the new Faith No More. I also wait for our friends Dirty Shirt’s new baby, coz I love their style and sound, they deserve to make it big.

7. There’s been some press coverage/reviews for the album (including yours truly). How have you guys been received by the press and how much do you take to heart?

Howahkan : The response from the audience and the medias has been incredibly good so far, and we’re absolutely thrilled. The agitation you can feel before an album release is always surrounded with a certain form of anxiety… You suddenly ask yourself if you did everything fine, if the audience will follow, if you may have taken a wrong way… Hopefully. All our doubts were quickly erased with all the reviews and comments we received from everybody. We also have the feeling that 6:33 has grown to the next level in terms of popularity, and this is very rewarding and promising!

8. How was the recording process, there’s a lot going on. Was it a drawn out process as everyone got their parts in or did it meld together as planned, without the hiccups?

Rorschach : Nicko and Howahkan wrote the music and I did the lyrics, anyway we worked the three of us (on the pre-production and on the recording) and progressed together, sharing everything that needed to be shared.

We recorded the album how we could depending on our personal timetables. We’re lucky to have a cool studio (the “White Wasteland Studio” owned by Howahkan), so we could take the time we needed to do it. We knew what each of us 5 had to do and we had our own missions, but we developed a lot of things during the recordings…So even if it can look messy it was very organized, as is our album! (laughs)

9. Is there anything you would change next time around?

Rorschach : For now nothing, except to improve as much as we can together, in order to give the best of us again next time.


10. What do you think the internet has done to the music industry as a whole? How has the internet helped 6:33 develop, grow and promote? Do you see more positives or negatives in how the music industry and internet has coupled?

Howahkan : It’s quite hard to tell because I belong to the Internet generation. I don’t even realize how it could have been before. Internet has changed the game, for sure, in both good and bad ways, and you just have to use it right. One month before the release of “Deadly Scenes”, we saw a growing number of mostly Russian blogs offering the download of the album. Not a very pleasant thing to witness, but our label manager told us it was part of the game now, and generally speaking the most an album is downloaded, the better it is sold. That is the way things are going now, and everybody has to adapt to survive (oh shit, that sounds like Rick from “The Walking Dead!”)

Thank you again for taking the time to answer these questions, we look forward to hearing from 6:33 in the near future.


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