Atryeu – So Others May Live (Video Review)

10999007_10152788666673526_3258922883701616289_nOn Friday I got treated with the first official Atreyu video since 2009! If this is  warning shot, Atreyu are laying waste to anyone that said the band would never be the same again. This film clip and is either a firm statement or an empty promise that Atreyu are channelling a nuclear power and the presence as stern as Marshall law.

The film clip starts off with a very simple cliche, which if you haven’t heard the song before will leave you on the end of your seat with anticipation. The camera flickers over a crowd, then it’s as plain as Taylor Swifts personality, yet as strong as a sumo’s bed post. Alex Varkatzas reminds the world of his one of a kind ear space claiming vocals with a screaming chant that has all the potential of some serious live crowd motivation that Tony Robins would not even bother competing with. Eventually backed by Brenden Seller, someone that definitely could have had potential to let the team down! But none the less he makes his mark count! Now Brendon looks reborn. The emo soundscapes are dead and the new Saller is here with a bit of an edge. He’s solid and healthy looking and just placing the perfect touch to add some contrast to the vocals. The song then kicks into a well driven hard riff that leaves an impression. The clip stays with the live concert style imagery that demonstrates that Atreyu are back with vengeance and offers hope for all old Atreyu fans. Visually the band gives the classic Atreyu look with a hint of wanted maturity.

Basically I’m very happy with what I have heard. I give the video a 4/5

http:// Atreyu – So Others May Live:

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