Merda Mundi – In League/Do Not Speak Single Review

603814_798253306933973_5659007677591585736_nI’ll be honest, I never really do Single Reviews for The Sonic Sensory. I generally find a better encompassing feel to any body of music by factoring in the rest of the record. It’s not that “singles” are a waste of time (quite the opposite in fact), but I will always take precedence for albums that flesh out ideas and take the time to convey emotion or story. Recently I stumbled upon the works of Merda Mundi and the news of a misanthropic black metal record, but that wasn’t the pull. Have you heard of Déhà?  (We All Die (Laughing),COAG, Yhdarl – just to name three) No? I thought you liked metal. The guy has his hand in projects almost as vast as the internet is endless.


Say what you will about the mentality of metal. There’s always those willing to be creative within their own limits and frankly, it’s as good as you want it to. Merda Mundi make waves with this single release. It features both an original and an extremely in taste Anaal Nathrakh cover. Despite the brevity of such a release (it’s a single release, what exactly are you expecting?) it’s an honest effort from an act you should be listening to over and over until it all sinks in. ‘In League’ is as solid as you could expect; drawing in black metal aesthetics the track allows its nihilistic soundscape to envelope the listener, taking hold of their inner misanthropic mindset and living completely rent free. It’s a blast beat festival, coupled with furious riff work and a tempo that matches. It’s the epitome of the music to come on the full-length, just how it’s supposed to be.

As for the Anaal Nathrakh track, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s a cover unless you had an awareness of both original artists, you wouldn’t be able to tell. What I’m saying here is it complements Merda Mundi to a “T”. It shares its own nuances on the recording as well as highlights how good both artists work simultaneously. 

So get this, get the full-length and enjoy. There’s something for every black metal fan here. The production matches the atmosphere and the atmosphere is frantic. This is a worthy single and more than worth your time.

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