Forever Never, The Return – Interview

Since finding out one of my favourite acts was back from hiatus I’ve been sitting patiently waiting for new music, news from this Billericay, Essex metal act. Since the group’s formation in 2003 there’s been two albums and a cover’s EP featuring Shaggy’s “Boombastic” which saw new life this year as Forever Never announced their return. I had an opportunity to send off some questions to the guys in the UK (all the way from ‘Down Under’) and this is what they had to say.fn band shot
Q- How does it feel to be back in the world’s spotlight and making music again?
Really, it’s our pleasure. It feels great to be back on the circuit doing what we love best: making music and playing live. 
Q- What can you tell us about the ‘new’ Forever Never? Has there been a shift in style, a change in the group’s trademark sound? Any surprises you’d like to tell the world?
Well, it’s been six years since we last released original material. The sound has evolved a hell of a lot since then. The songs are ultimately bigger on every level. The choruses hit hard and we’re confident they’ll fill any room or festival that they’re subjected to. There’s still a signature FN sound, but we’ve added a lot of new flavours in terms of synths etc which will play a big part in our sound going forward.
fn back making tunes
Q- Recently, the band re-launched a cover of Shaggy’s “Boombastic”, complete with a new music video. What has been the reaction from fans, bringing back such an awesome cover after a couple of years hiatus?
The reaction to Boombastic has been pretty cool. We needed to bring something out quickly so that we could let people know we were back and as we were talking about doing a video for it before we went on a break we thought we would pick up where we left off. People seem to love it live. I can only assume it’s my sexual moves! 
fn benji and renn
Q- With Forever Never coming back to life there’s been some shows and performances. How has the reaction been received to an active Forever Never on stage? Are you seeing older fans return, or is it a completely fresh-faced crowd?
I think we’ve got a bit of both from the shows that we’ve done so far. It’s been interesting because actually while we’ve had a break some of our younger fans have come of age and can actually come along to the shows now which is great. The reaction has been pretty cool it has to be said. Our FN-mates have made it feel like we have made the right decision to come back! Thank you.
FN logo
Q- What made you come back to the band, rather than follow other musical outlets. What was the ‘pull’ that brought Forever Never back to life?
When it’s in your blood, it’s in your blood. You can only run away from your destiny for so long! We had a break because we all needed a reality check… But the reality is we suck at everything else! So “music” is stuck with us (haha).
Q- What’s next for the band? You have a new single ready to be launched, describe it to your fans, what can they expect?
The new single is called “Never Giving Up”, and it’s actually about our love affair with music, but it can really apply to anything in life: love, work or anything that you’re passionate about and are willing to sacrifice for. It’s got a wicked groove and a killer chorus which should nicely cement itself into your brain …and balls…or vagina. 
Fn quirky condoms
 …Forever Never would like you to be safe when feeling sexy…
Q- Thinking back, your live shows are a spectacle of live energy. Were there any shows that made the highlights reel. What makes a performance memorable for the guys on stage? Where would you like to see yourself performing one day?
Download Festival 2009 was a big deal for us seeing so many of our fans all in one place. Hearing so many people singing “Empty Promises” back at us was incredible. Ultimately we want to do that again but on the main stage which is exactly what our new material is made for.
fn on your
Q- 2015 is already looking to be a great year for music. What albums are you looking forward to, released later in the year? What makes an album great in your opinion?
Personally looking forward to the new Heart of a Coward release, really enjoyed their last album. I think what makes a great album for me is ultimately “great songs”. Regardless of genre, I just like great songwriting. I think in the case of HOAC, the balance of groove, melody and technical proficiency was balanced just right. 
Q- It’s been noted that Forever Never shares influences from Michael Jackson to Pantera. Are these references still relevant in 2015? Are there any more you would like to add to this list?
They’re always relevant at any time. You can’t deny your musical background and where you’ve come from. As my tastes have evolved over the years, I’ve never closed doors behind me in that respect. When I got into rock and metal I didn’t suddenly shun all the R&B and Hip-Hop that I had been listening to. It just joined the ever expanding pile of music that I knew I liked. MJ is, and probably always will be, my number one performer and songwriter of all time – no matter how much metal I listen to (haha). More recently I like the 80’s vibes of Hurts, and I’ve actually gotten into a lot more dance music over the past couple of years as well. Paul Van Dyk for example is one of my favourite DJ’s. Think it’s always worth expanding your horizons – it’s about the only way you can keep your music sounding a little bit fresher. 
Q- What do you guys do in your spare time on tour? Bingo nights, big breakfasts or considering there’s so much time working as a band do you give each other space when you can?
Thankfully, we’ve always got on pretty well so we do hang out on tour. We have been known to have games of Scrabble on tour – so NOT rock and roll, but hey it keeps the brain amused. Other than that we just watch some comedy films and TV and then proceed to quote them for an eternity. Sometimes it gets a bit tiresome, but if we’re in me mams car then we just put a “bit of vinegar on it pet.”
Renny Carroll – Vox,
Kevin Yates – Bass,
George Lenox – Guitar,
Frank Ransom – Guitar,
Sam Curtis – Drums
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