Orpheus Omega Tackles Illegal Downloads – Chris Explains:

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Not long ago The Sonic Sensory caught Orpheus Omega’s Chris chatting about piracy and illegal downloads on the band’s Facebook page. The guy seemed pretty riled up by it so we couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by as we got him to continue talking about these issues and how they effect Orpheus Omega as a group, and his opinions surrounding piracy as an advertising style. Here’s what we covered:
1. Piracy is a hot topic around the world but it doesn’t stop with the likes of Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad. What do you think drives this mentality where fans need to get everything before it’s either streamed or released in full (both legal and encouraged by the industry)?
I think it’s mostly a matter of circumstance and where society is at right now. At the end of the day, we will live in a NOW NOW NOW world. With communication as strong as it is, we can literally talk to people in overseas in real time from our phone apps. We don’t need to visit the banks to manage our money, it’s all online our through phones. Our attention spans are a lot shorted and that trickles into our overall mindset. I’m no different a lot of the time, my patience is a lot shorter because everything is so instant and easy and a lot of it has to do with just the fact that it IS possible and easy, so why not?
2. How is it different for the music industry and do you think metal has anything that separates piracy nature from other medium, whether it’s for good or bad?
Every industry has different indicators of success and continuation, so I can’t comment too much, but in the case of GoT and TV shows etc. The companied behind them rely on strong viewership to gain funding etc. They’re funded to make the show BEFORE it airs.
Music is different in that the band puts in all the money first and throws all the eggs in the basket and HOPES that people actually buy it/ support them after. I think it’s all music though, I wouldn’t pick on metal, if anything, it feels like to me that the Metal fans are the die hards who DO support the artists more/ buy merch etc. So I’m glad we fall into that group, it’s the most dedicated one I can think of.
 3. Being Australian is there anything you’d like to change in the government regulations and laws that would free up access to fans and listeners around the world? Maybe some new selling services that would make it easier for people to buy (or legally stream) rather than reaching out to Russian downloading blogs?
I don’t think it’s a location specific issue to be honest. For the most part, digital access at least, is pretty available everywhere now. Even Australia gets Netflix now. There’s very little that isn’t accessible. Getting people to pay for it though, that’s the tricky part.
 orpheus omega studio
4. What is Orpheus Omega working on now?
Right now we’re just finishing up some great stuff for album 3. It’s all done and dusted and we’ve got some great announcements coming with that, and we couldn’t be prouder about it. It’s going to be a huge couple of years that for sure. We’re also getting ready for May 15 when we open for Insomnium and The Haunted at the HiFi in Melbourne.
5. How does piracy effect you as a death metal band working towards releasing new music?
I guess overall, it’s something we consider when recording. I run a small studio in melbourne so we record everything at mine. That saves us a lot of money that sales would most likely not cover for quite a while. Things like that, just trying to make sure we spend what we need, but don’t throw money around willy-nilly into things that don’t really have a return in some form or another. But I guess it’s part of the process now, privacy will happen no matter what. We just hope that what we have to offer is strong enough and received well enough that people will continue to pay for and support what we spent all our time and effort creating,
 orpheus omega band shot
6. What’s going on in the Orpheus Omega camp? Anything worth mentioning?
A lot of preparation for the 3rd album release and what that’s going to entail. Wish I could say more, but all shall be revealed soon 🙂
7. Bands will often cite illegal downloading as an advertising method, even if they’re unhappy with the way fans are getting their music they will be happy with the fact that people are listening to their albums. Describe this “Catch 22” in relation to your band.
I think maybe in 2015 that excuse doesn’t QUITE work as well as it used to. There are still regions in the world where almost all streaming and music is inaccessible, and that needs to change. It’s a socio economic issue and it’ll HOPEFULLY be tackled as time goes on. But with Spotify/ Itunes/ Bandcamp/ Facebook/ YouTube. Pretty much any band that is any band has music to hear, and you CAN hear it, usually almost entirely from there. So downloading a torrent to hear the whole album is not really that necessary anymore as a legitimate way to hear a band/ make a decision to buy their stuff or not. Access to legal methods is becoming so easy, and that’s the important thing. EASE of use. A lot of people download because it’s easier than doing it legitimately. 
So while illegal methods CAN make fans (and it does, there’s no argument there at all), at the same time we hope that IF you hear about us via some form of illegal means, then you will hopefully support us in some other way> Perhaps buy some merch, come to a show, buy the album etc. Every penny counts when you’re in a band.
 8. This is a little favourite of mine, what are your favourite releases of 2015 and what are you looking forward to in the next few months?
Oh man… 2015 release. Well, there’s a lot of Aussie release I’m stoked about. The new Be’Lakor album, Harlott, In Malice’s Wake, Chronolyth, Nightrage, Camelot, heaps! haha.
Thanks a lot for the chat dude, and cheers for your support. And to anyone who is listening to music, legal or otherwise. Keep listening, and support the bands you love, that’s the most important part \m/
Chris Themelco – Lead Guitar & VocalsJoao Goncalves – Guitar

Nathan Mesiti – Bass

Keswick Gallagher – Keyboard

Matt Themelco – Drums

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