Entrails – Obliteration


Swedish Death Metal band Entrails have an interesting history, the group headed by Jimmy Lundqvist began demoing material as early as 1990, however very little materialised due to the quality of the output being perceived by the group as unsatisfactory. Over the course of the 90’s the group splintered as members went in different directions before calling it quits just before the turn of the century. Some things seem to get better with age though, and like a fine wine; Lundqvist unearthed those early recordings, tasted them and liked what he heard. The best of those demos made it onto the bands debut release in 2010, aptly titled Tales From The Morgue.

Over the course of the next few years, Entrails would release The Tomb Awaits in 2011, tour Europe extensively, link up with legendary Dan Sano (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath, Nightingale), ink a deal with Metal Blade, release critically acclaimed album Raging Death in 2013 and a full compilation of those early demo recordings. Which leads us to the crushing new album Obliteration.

Entrails declare their intent early on with ‘No Cross Left Unturned’, the feverish stampede of riffs and the relentless fury of the drum work catapults the listener into the putrid world of Entrails head on. Stylistically, this is old school Death Metal with no objective in being anything other than punishing. ‘Beyond the Flesh’ is a torturous slab of brutality while ‘The Grotesque’ is a telling statement of the current state of humanity. Throughout Obliteration, the vocals are consistently powerful, never reaching the gutturals associated with brutal death metal and mixed with enough clarity to understand most lyrical content.

The fifth track on the album ‘Oblierate’ – does exactly that to your ears, the colossal lead riff finds you reaching for the volume every time,  at this point in the track (40 seconds in) the band could of repeated this riff throughout the song, however they back it off, change the direction and timing using the power of that guitar part sparingly to great effect – fabulous songwriting.

The second half of the album reiterates the statements over and over again, there is no respite. ‘Skulls’ and ‘Bonestorm’ are crushing tracks, the tempo does not deviate too much, settling for the most part deep in the confines of traditional Death, however sections of ‘Abyss of Corpses’ bare a tendency to Thrash and there are gothic undertones to ‘Midnight Coffin’ and ‘Epitome of Death’.

Obliteration won’t change the course of Death Metal, there are no seismic shifts here to declare a game changing impact on the genre. However, Entrails have written a very good album that places them in that upper echelon of European bands, and for that matter further enhancing the legacy Sweden has made on metal.


Track Listing:

1. No Cross Left Unturned

2. Epitome of Death

3. Beyond the Flesh

4. The Grotesque

5. Obliterate

6. Skulls

7. Midnight Coffin

8. Bonestorm

9. Abyss of Corpses

10. Re-Animation of the Dead

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