Earthside – Mob Mentality (Single Review)

“This ten minute epic could actually break the internet, just by being the astounding track it is.”

earthside mob mentalityIt’s not every day that I’ll willingly do single reviews. If I’m to take the time to review a “single” track it’s going to have to be something different, great, even bordering on spectacular – basically it’s going to have to be more than worth it.

With all of that out of the way, it’s a pleasure to introduce Earthside’s newest piece of music highlighting that this four piece from Connecticut specialize in their own broad, dynamic show of experimentally smooth cinematic rock. With an album to be released sometime in 2015 (an actual set date is not publicly known) it’s great to see what this instrumental  group can do without a set vocalist (that’s not a typo). Earthside have hinted (via Facebook interactions with fans) that the new album will feature an array of vocalists, all featuring on outstanding tracks. The band wishes you to “stay tuned” in order to find out who these featuring vocalists will be.

Earthside’s “Mob Mentality” is the band’s second display of musical virtuosity, since releasing a cinematic teaser. This ten minute epic could actually break the internet, just by being the astounding track it is. Featuring Sevendust’s Lajon Witherspoon, “Mob Mentality” showcases everything from bombastic crescendos, flurry after flurry of positive energy and admittedly some of the best fills to be heard on a modern rock track. You probably shouldn’t take my word for it (but you know you will) , “Mob Mentality” is an exercise in audio perfection, wrapped in ten minutes. This is a statement that should not be taken lightly, heed my word and take the track for what it is. The song itself will leave the listener with a profound sense of accomplishment. You will feel like you just finished that marathon, that you just got a pay rise, that you just landed that record deal or even like you just featured on an Earthside track.

It’s a wonder how an album can hold onto emotion and run with it. “Mob Mentality” does this in ten minutes, on one track. Keep an eye on the guys from Earthside, they’re sure to turn heads with whatever they release, they just need to release it first.


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