Ghost Iris – Beyond The Iris Interview

The Sonic Sensory has been doing pretty well in terms of reviews and interviews lately. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Ghost Iris’ 2015 full-length “Anecdotes Of Science and Soul”. The album is huge, not only in terms of its sound but also for the moving forwards of this promising band. (You can read the review here: reviewing the album I had the opportunity to pick Sebastian’s brain. Here’s what the guy had to say:

1. Thanks for doing this. Who are you and what role do you take within Ghost Iris?
My name is Sebastian and I play drums in the band. Thank YOU for doing this.
ghost iris sebastian
2. Most people tend to pigeon-hole a band’s sound by the genre or tags others put on them. How do you describe the band’s sound, and do any of these preconceptions miss the mark? What would you like modern day listeners to avoid when searching for new music?
We like to think that we have some sort of unique sound, but people tend to put us in the djent/progressive metal category (even though the actual djent chord is only used once in one song on our album). But, you know, I can see why we’re lumped into that category because of our low-tuned guitars and the fact that our music has a heavy groove to it. There’s just so much more to our sound than a top-string low-tuned groove. Our music is heavy, it’s melodic, it’s groovy and it’s easily digestible. We have a song structure and a way of writing that I really think separates us from the rest of the bunch. Instead of just putting riffs upon riffs upon riffs into a song, we strive to actually make a real song with hooks and choruses. I know it sounds vague but I would simply call our style of music “modern metal”. That whole “pigeon-hole” and genre thing is a weird fetish, but I don’t blame anybody for doing it because I tend to do it myself – in the end, it’s just words to describe a sound. I don’t care what people call us, as long as they like our music.
 ghost iris 7 string
I don’t want anybody to avoid anything when searching for new music. On the contrary, I want people to listen to all types of music, get inspired and don’t care what anybody thinks about the music you listen to.
3. You released ‘Anecdotes Of Science and Soul’ at the beginning of the year. What feedback have you received? How has the release and promotion cycle been?
The feedback has been beyond amazing, with some reviewers giving it a “masterpiece” rating – how cool is that? The fact that people actually care about this album and this band, that we put so much time and money into, is amazing. I’m still very humbled that we are somebody’s favorite band. That is an amazing feeling to say the least.
We have a very active social media presence, giving updates, posting funny pictures and videos etc. Our singer, Jesper, is a wizard with all that stuff so that’s pretty much his turf – he does all our graphic stuff and videos. We try to keep it fresh, you know. Take our newest video for “Euphoric State” for example. What a crazy idea that was, but it turned out hilarious and people love it! We strive to keep the momentum surrounding our band going so we won’t be forgotten.
ghost iris rating banner
4. Any negative feedback you would have been happy to miss?
Not really, no. We welcome all feedback with open arms and we simply laugh at the haters.
5. What’s next for the band?
We are going on tour for the very first time in October! We are hitting up the UK for a couple of dates. Hopefully this will lead to more tours and new possibilities. We are also constantly writing new music as well and trying to outdo ourselves. We have been playing together as a band since 2012, so some of the sections and riffs on the album are almost three years old already. We’d like to put out new music next year.
6. How does the album sound live? Does it convey well to a live setting?
People are only just getting used to listening to the album and seeing us live, so every time we play everything is improved upon – our presence, the crowd, and the sound. I think once people are completely used to the album and our band, they will be more into it live as opposed to standing with their arms crossed and bopping their heads. We are still a very young band and we have much to learn for many years to come.
7. How was the lead up before releasing the album? Did the single releases grow your confidence before the release?
We were pretty confident in our material before we released anything. But once we had recorded, we suddenly had this full-length album in our hands and no name for ourselves and no fanbase. When we released “Dreamless State” back in July last year and unveiled our band through that song, people were quick to jump on the wagon and spread it around. So from there we figured that we would tease the community with a couple of singles and visual material, get a small fanbase and a little hype. Some people called us their favorite band when we had only released two songs! It definitely made us even more confident that somebody out there would actually care about us. Had we simply just released the album without teasing, nobody would have listened to it probably and I would most likely not be answering your questions right now. Hooray for the Internet!
8. You guys use Bandcamp as a major platform for releasing, streaming and selling your music. What are the advantages compared to using the likes of iTunes?
Bandcamp is an incredible platform because we upload everything ourselves and we are completely in charge of everything. There is no middle-man, no nothing. Everything comes directly from us, and everything goes directly to us. This is the most direct type of monetary support as a band you can have as an underground band.
ghost iris band image
9. What are some of your favourite releases of the year? What are you looking forward to?
I’m into heavier stuff than the other guys in the band, but an album we all agree is amazing is the new Veil Of Maya. I’ve been a fan of theirs since 2010 and I really think this is their magnum opus. Fantastic album. I’m really into the new Oceano album as well as Make Them Suffer and iwrestledabearonce’s new albums. Vola, another Danish band, released a new album earlier this year as well and it is absolutely mind-blowing.  
Thanks for doing this interview, and thanks to everybody for their continued support. Be on the look out for us and be sure to check out our newest video for our song “Euphoric State” (below).
*All images are either owned by the band or are the works of professional photographers, credit can be found on the original source (via Facebook)


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