‘The Clearing Path’ Debut Release – July 11th


Inspiration can come from many places, but there are not too many atmospheric black metal releases that are conceptually driven by enlightenment in the Italian Alps. One man band ‘The Clearing Path’ or known to his family as Gabriele Gramaglia is the vehicle for such a tale.

The Clearing Path’s debut record fantastically titled ‘Watershed Between Earth and Firmament’ drops digitally July 11th. With a fine blend of Progressive Black Metal, Hardcore and nature (yes, nature), the 30 minute run time is over far too quickly. However, with a physical release in the not too distant future via Avantgarde Music, it seems we will hear more from this talented Italian from Milan.

Go HERE to place your preorder


I. Holy Waters

II. Sacred Mountains

III. Goddess Aura

IV. Atop The Throat, My Glance Cautiously Surveys The Depths

V. My Wild Goose Chase

VI. This River Will Carry Me Towards The Grandest Light

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Into most things metal, particular favourites are the artier, progressive and dynamic groups. Tool, Rishloo, Karnivool, Pallbearer, Gorguts to name a few. Writing is a passion also \oo/

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