Of Divinity’s “Depravity” and “Royal Blood” Singles Review

depravityIf you have been following these boys over the last couple of years you would’ve noticed that these guys can command a high presence, not just on stage, not just on the internet but through their music. Everything else just falls into place. It’s not often that I’ll spend time doing “Singles” reviews but I couldn’t get on the local boy band wagon that carries Of Divinity from town to town. As of the posting of this page only one track has been released to the public (and fans). I’m lucky enough to get an advanced listening on the tracks and while you haven’t heard half of what I’m talking about, fear not. The tracks wouldn’t be out of place in a live song listing.

Sometimes I find it hard to become analytical on two separate tracks released by one band. It’s not that I don’t know what I’m talking about, rather it’s a need to listen to more to grab an all encompassing mood or atmosphere. The first released single, “Depravity (Feat. Rhys Gahan of Dropbears)” (video embedded below) showcases an improvement on the group’s last EP and while it’s only a single it manages to showcase what the band has to offer a modern metal scene, not just at home, but internationally as well. Metal is indeed alive and well.

Now I know you (yes, you reading this) can make up your own mind (the song is just below) but for those who don’t know how to string two sentences together for you to tell your mates about that “awsum nu methuls outta Newie” let me do that job for you. “Depravity” is a tight track, not just for the fact that you’ll like it. It’s tight everywhere; from the head banging, neck snapping grooves to the reaching atmospherics provided by simple melodies lacing the track with an ethereal sense of wonder. To the percussive intelligence that defines the sensual bass grooves of the track. Double time rhythms meet half timed breakdowns adding intensity to the vocal duties shared by Of Divinity’s growl spewing champ Jamie Yerbury and guest vocalist Rhys Gahan of Dropbears (Perth, Australia). Screams meet rapped passages and strained cleans. It’s a contrast of vocal techniques presented in a five minute lecture. These boys are trying to teach their fans new and old what they’re capable of.

The band’s (as of yet) unreleased track “Royal Blood” continues in the same soundscape as it’s companion (a notable difference being the lack of guest vocalist). It’s heavier and shorter, but not by much. Of Divinity continue making songs that would excel in any live setting. The breakdowns come in the many and often build into intense dissonant chordal patterns complement by the band’s percussive element and self proclaimed ‘Baritone Ukulele’ swinger Jordan Coulton. If you are expecting Of Divinity to step away from this slam-metalcore soundscape, forget about hearing anything hugely different on this track.

Overall these songs leave me hanging for more Of Divinity material. You don’t have to over-think what you’re listening to, simply enjoy it, bang your head and buy your ticket for their next gig.

Of Divinity Is:

Jamie Yerbury – Vocals
Jordan Glass – Guitar
Michael Newton – Guitar
Jordan Coulton – Bass
Jon Agudelo – Drums

Dropbears Facebook: (Perth, Australia)

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