Metaprism – The Human Ecryption

metaprism the human ecryption


Modern day music is a wonder sometimes, I mean with access to new music a simple click away our ability to listen to something new, discover new bands or even share that new piece of something special in a matter of seconds. It’s with this same “now, now, now” sensibility that pushes us to try something we think we know, something that sounds like something else and yet, manages its own uniqueness. Metaprism is just one of those many bands aspiring for their own slab of greatness, appealing to the fans that enjoys dual vocals, thick textures and riff heavy tracks. With all this focus on a combination of sounds this full-forced, six piece groove act rely on a sound fit for the live arena.

With all that in mind, the group’s new offering, ‘The Human Encryption’ is a solid slab of groove-based metal, paying credit to many bands that played before them. Take a quick listen to the album; you can list a number of other groups in the band’s sound. I for one cannot shake a Scar Symmetry influence and frankly, making music that sounds like someone else isn’t always a negative trait. For the sake of discussion I’ll point out some of the short-comings of ‘The Human Encryption’. They’re minimal granted, but unmistakable in the fact that this album could be so much bigger. For example the album’s introduction is a huge lead up. Clever left and right speaker plays blends a synthetic industrial effect, providing tension that… is lost in the first seconds of the second track. All of that great work gone in an instant. Basically it all comes down to musical awareness. How to build atmosphere, pace and quality – taking what you know about writing music and re-shaping it into something truly spectacular. Small things like where to add screams, growls or even layered vocal harmonies, they all come and go into experience. ‘The Human Encryption’ shares these issues from start to finish. A learning curb no doubt.

With that out of the way it’s great to get back on the positives of this record. Make no mistake it’s not perfect and there’s a lot going on here. I’m not bashing this band or the music they’ve produced. ‘The Human Encryption’ is solid all round and excels at recreating a live sound. It’s where music like this belongs. The band themselves pour heart and soul into this, providing enough deviation to keep the listener going. Guitarist Ollie Roberts takes a handle on axe duties, lacing his riffs with light to heavy flanger effects. It’s a subtle use that encourages this industrial groove metal sound. It’s progressive, forward thinking and thankfully exactly the right sound to encourage tumultuous head-banging.


Ollie Roberts – Guitars
Theresa Smith – Vocals
Jut Tabor – Vocals
Mike West – Bass
Callum Downing – Guitar
James Clarke – Drums

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