Single Review: Godhunter and Amigo the Devil-The Outer Dark

Godhunter and Amigo the Devil dabble in a genre that gets limited attention, but neo-folk deserves a lot more of it. There is nothing quite like a dark and moody country instrumental mixed with booming drums to set a dark and sinister tone. The Outer Dark is a fairly straightforward 7" release on that front. Spanning only two tracks at less than nine total minutes gives a small sample to digest, but the results are effective for the intended outcome.

“Weeping Willow” starts off the attack with a massive set of percussion and tightly strummed guitars that sound extremely repressive. The sense of anguish and pain on the instrumental is hefty and meaningful, and the vocals carry a certain amount of tone as well, especially when the chorus kicks into gear.

“Something In the Way” closes the collaboration off with a passable Nirvana cover. The drum and guitar combination is effectively jarring as the track builds, but this specific Nirvana track suffers from being far too repetitive, and the cover suffers a similar fate. The neo-folk take on the cover is interesting and covers up a few weaknesses but it still feels limited to keep a listener overly thrilled.

Despite being a small sample size for anyone new to the neo-folk genre, Godhunter and Amigo the Devil bring forth a solid effort to bring in some new listeners. The essential dark textural drums and guitars are present, as are the repressive themes to indulge into. The Outer Dark is not a 7″ release that will set the world ablaze, but the quality is certainly there for die hard fans or newcomers to the neo-folk styling.


Track Listing:
1. Weeping Willow
2. Something In the Way

Band Links:

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