Single Review: Ramlord-S/T

Ramlord 2 Ramlord are a three piece black metal band hailing from New Hampshire that are known for crushing noise and by-the-numbers black metal music. They also manage to be extremely active, releasing eight EPs and Split projects since late 2011. It is not hard to imagine Ramlord becoming a name to remember in the American black metal scene in the near future as well. The talented trio feature fast tempo changes, blast beats, grinding guitars, and nasty production that any black metal fan would salivate to hear.

As with nearly every 7″ record release, there are only two tracks to absorb, making the recording more of an appetizer than a full meal. “The Breached Sanctum” starts the single off with cavernous drums and bass, only to shift the song into a sped-up set of riffs soon after. The vocals are the weaker aspect of the production, sounding too muffled and back in the mixture. However, the shouts are still relatively legible and a stellar rhythm section makes up for the small issues. The emotional closing and beautiful drums are the real highlight, setting a clear example of what black metal is all about.

“The Fog of Neglect” follows up with more of a sludge and doom influence throughout. The early instances of fast and melodic riffs set up a solid opening, leaving more space for vocals to take a more prominent stance in the mix. The drums continue their excellent attack on the ear drums here as well, but the track overall is a tad too messy to be as engaging as “The Breached Sanctum.”

Ramlord are only a few small tweaks away from being an even more interesting American black metal product. The drums and guitars are already there, presenting every bit of dissonance and necessary rhythm to keep tracks from getting dull. The vocal mixing was a bit off early on in the 7″ release but that is something that can be easily fixed with future projects. Black metal fans should take notice as Ramlord continues to move forward, as the group is bound to click on all cylinders on a release soon.


Track Listing:
1. The Breached Sanctum
2. The Fog of Neglect

Band Links:

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