Apocalyptica – Shadowmaker

Apocalyptica Shadowmaker
Helsinki, Finland natives Apocalyptica have been making albums for nearly two decades now. To think the band who became popular through covering Metallica tracks with cello instrumentation is now a massive name across the world is quite an achievement. Utilizing the cello, drums, and guitars to epic proportions is what Apocalyptica has become known for. Few bands have ever seamlessly managed to use a cello to their full advantage on this scale, and this has earned them a sizable audience. Shadowmaker is the quartet’s eighth album, and major fans of the group will find the results to be worthwhile.

Apocalyptica fans know exactly what to expect here, and it is delivered in spades. There are many epic passages to indulge into, dual cello performances to wet the whistle, and clean guitars and drums are constant companions to keep the act moving without a hitch. The instrumentals can become a bit too much over the nearly one hour running time but there is still enough energy to keep the predictable attack worth a few listens. The heavier guitar and drum moments are easily the most riveting element of Shadowmaker, lending a more comforting rhythm for metal heads before the cello takes various tracks by full force.

The main problem with Shadowmaker is just how average most of the tracks come out to be. There are only a few tracks that really rise to be truly special, with most just settling for being underwritten or overly simple to a fault. Every track seems to follow the concept of losing a relationship, but the instrumentals are too massive to let that idea settle as a tangible story. The other issue that plagues the album is many tracks overstaying their welcome with lofty running times. This becomes a major problem on the closing track, in which a solid instrumental builds well, only to have the cello section add too much tension to hold the story together for nearly ten full minutes of music. The production and vocals are far too clean as on many past albums. The story of the album is relatively dark but the squeaky clean instrumentation and vocals make each track feel far too polished to be effective at conveying that message.

Shadowmaker is not a bad record on any level, but it lacks any sense of ingenuity to become anything other than an average experience. There are times when the instrumentals click and make listeners want to feel the emotion, but those moments are far too fleeting for nearly an hour of music. If some of the tracks had more grit and anger behind them, the mix could become an explosive experience, but instead it seemed like none of the tracks were all that memorable after a few days. Shadowmaker is a good record for hardcore fans of Apocalyptica, but newer ears may not find a lot to love.


Track Listing:
1. I-III-V Seed of Chaos
2. Cold Blood
3. Shadowmaker
4. Slow Burn
5. Hole In My Soul
6. House of Chains
7. Riot Lights
8. Sea Song (You Waded Out)
9. Till Death Do Us Part
10. Dead Man’s Eyes

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