Nile – What Should Not Be Unearthed

nile what should not be unearthed

For many death metal enthusiasts the name “Nile” is household. It’s not just for their years of service to a particular musical brand, or the band’s dedication to a particular style of music. Nile stand for quality, force and bringing the past and present together in their own consistent way. Nile is back, self-proclaimed in their death metal glory. Now most know the story; these guys have been churning out some of the world’s most devastating death metal hymns, being established veterans of the genre. The music itself is not only consistent but maintains the highest standards, ensuring that the modern day production values of 2015 meet Nile’s death metal niche. There’s a fair chance that Nile will stand as an outright testament to the new aspiring bands all looking to establish themselves on a similar soundscape, looking to capitalize on the ground-breaking artists that worked so hard to establish this scene. I mean it’s all good and well but only so many bands can bring the tumultuous guitar riffs full of dissonant high gain minor chord shapes together and tie them into wailing guitar solos only to be buried in blast beats and growling vocals, without losing the very thing that makes them both listenable and gives prestige to the very face of Egyptian themed death metal.

With their new album released on Nuclear Blast, the label themselves have done well in “unearthing” the beast within Nile’s music and for what it’s actually worth “What Should Not Be Unearthed” is one the year’s best (that’s so far) death metal records. Nile not only continue their Egyptian themed death metal trend, they fucking reinforce it.

Now most know that “death” metal isn’t actually new (although it’s a pretty popular debating which band pre-dated the first), even Nile’s trademark sound has been tried and even tried again – with mixed results. For the fan that has experienced a Nile album before, “What Should Not Be Unearthed” isn’t exactly anything out of the ordinary, considering the band’s now huge back catalog. The group’s typical musical traits dominate the album, coming thick and fast, resounding in the fact that Nile will be forever Nile. Think about it; would you like it if a band as established as Nile released an Iron Maiden inspired record? It just sounds wrong doesn’t it? It would be a slap to the face to all the band’s fans both new and old. The answer to the question is a definite no as Nile’s no fuss 2015 effort enters a devastatingly safe spot in the listeners’ mind.

So what can the avid listener expect from yet another slab of Nile branded death? The answer is rather simple: more of the same.


01. Call To Destruction
02. Negating The Abominable Coils Of Apep
03. Liber Stellae Rubeae
04. In The Name Of Amun
05. What Should Not Be Unearthed
06. Evil To Cast Out Evil
07. Age Of Famine
08. Ushabti Reanimator
09. Rape Of The Black Earth
10. To Walk Forth From Flames Unscathed



Karl Sanders: Guitars, Vocals, Instrumentals
Dallas Toler-Wade: Guitars, Vocals
George Kollias: Drums
Brad Parris: Bass, Vocals

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