Trivium – Silence In The Snow (Single Review)

silence in the snowMost of my normal readers will know I don’t normally do “single” reviews, focusing on a larger picture of an all-encompassing full-length, bringing a larger contextual theme within my reviewing style. So why exactly am I writing this particular review? Let’s just say I’ll always have a man-boner for any new Trivium music.

The band’s new track “Silence In The Snow” essentially came out of nowhere for me. Even with the band’s tendencies to write on most forms of social media I missed all the art and imagery that teases an upcoming piece of music. Trivium are noted for the pre-advertising of their albums through random image, codes and all other methods of joking around on Twitter. Even with all of this floating around it was hard to exactly pin point what was actually happening, although the comment threads are still great for a laugh: “I’m becoming more and more convinced Trivium are finally putting out a black metal album” or “Black Metal-Core? I’m feeling some kind of vibe here”. I mean if there was ever a need for natural selection, the internet is proof we need it now. Regardless, the news from Trivium is great; the band is indeed releasing more music.

“Silence In The Snow” is an excellent leading track. Not only for the fact that it highlights that Trivium are still forward-thinking within their own mean, but also for doing something out of the ordinary (even if the song was originally written under a different album cycle). “Silence In The Snow” blends a more melodious approach into a smooth, yet distinguishable Trivium track. 2015 is already looking great in terms of new music releases (both in and out of this genre), Trivium are trying to establish an early spot in the listeners’ memories before their album is even out.

So what does “Silence In The Snow” have to offer as a single track? The most notable difference is the lack of Heafy’s screamed vocal lines, and off one track fans will question whether the rest of the album will showcase any (if at all) screamed, so-called harsh vocal lines. “Silence In The Snow” opts for a squeaky clean approach. From the studio to the production, to the very essence of ‘white’ in the band’s new video. The track itself highlights the fact that Trivium can bring down their own ‘flashy’ parts and focus on actual song-writing instead of scream-filled verses. The ballad-esque nature of Heafy’s soaring vocals reminisce of the vocal hey-day of crescendo-happy metal.

The question remains: What will the rest of the album actually sound like? Clearly, that answer remains to be seen, but if “Silence In The Snow” is anything to go by the album in the same name will surely be a hit. Overall it will be interesting to see what comes next. If Trivium’s release patterns from the last albums are anything to go by, we’ll be seeing new music spread over the next few weeks.

Members: – Matt Heafy – Guitar, Lead Vocals – Corey Beaulieu – Guitar, Vocals – Paolo Gregoletto – Bass, Vocals – Mat Madiro – Drums

Trivium’s music video for ‘Silence In The Snow’ from the album, Silence In The Snow – available 10/2 on Roadrunner Records. Pre-order the record on iTunes at or from their webstore

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