For Today – Wake

The band’s ability to hone in on a trend within their music has helped shape For Today’s 2015 effort into the band’s finest works to date…

for today wake art

Taking an already used sound is one thing, but transforming a sound to meet both the stereotypes of the genre and representing how a band wants to sound can be really challenging circa 2015. For most listeners, just having a trademark sound that conforms to everything that they love is not enough. Just because your fans can hear all their favourite influences doesn’t mean they’re going to enjoy you playing them. For Today step out of the shadows of the genre’s fore-runners and share the light directly beside them. In short, For Today “wake” to a new sound, wrapped in one release.

“Wake” marks the band’s debut slab of material under the Nuclear Blast label, it’s a nice change along with a line up change and a refreshment in the band’s overall sound. So how does “Wake” compare to previous efforts? It’s a simpler, home to roots soundscape that does away with unnecessary fillers, tightening the group’s overall sound. The band’s ability to hone in on a trend within their music has helped shape For Today’s 2015 effort into the band’s finest works to date and while it doesn’t reinvent the wheel or hint at any revolution for the metalcore genre, it provides a steady backdrop for the group to continue building on the momentum they craft on “Wake”. Highlights emerge quickly; “Flooded Earth” brings the pace of the album’s second half down, captivating the listener with sensual clean piano strokes and lightly building atmospheres, before the track launches into a cleverly themed story-line of sinking ships, tying the song into the album’s central contextual energy. That’s only one track of ten that stand out next to each other. What helps push “Wake” above the standard of genre is its ability to tie everything together. The record’s opening piece, “No Truth No Sacrifice” hits hard, building a breakdown, frenzied slab of metal. This is music destined for a live setting, bolstered by a thick bass section and a rhythmically tight percussive element.

Overall it’s great to see that For Today can take a rather typical group of sounds and make something fresh for their own listeners. “Wake” may not be enough to convince past critics off the group, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. A new age of metalcore is here, you just need to listen in.


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Tracklist for “Wake”

1. No Truth, No Sacrifice
2. Broken Lens
3. Forced Into Fire
4. Deserter
5. Bitter Roots
6. Wasteland
7. Hopeless Ambition
8. Determination
9. Flooded Earth
10. Time and Tide
– Bonus Tracks
11. Two Brothers
12. Without You

Available October 2nd on Nuclear Blast. Preorder links on


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