Hate Eternal – Infernus

Floridian death metal machines Hate Eternal are swiftly becoming veterans of the sub-genre, and haven’t even been together for twenty years yet. But whenever one hears the likes of “Conquering the Throne” and “I, Monarch”, you get the impression that the band have already proved their stamp on the sub-genre, and more to the point that they can still deliver the goods as viciously as on those two aforementioned records. 2015 sees the return of the band after a more or less lengthy four year wait, and latest album “Infernus” is as menacing as they come nowadays.

It would be an understatement to say that the music on this album is, well, full of hate. The name of the band merely suggests that, but when you listen to “Infernus” in its entirety, you’ll most likely be left with disconcerting thoughts in your head about the destruction of the world and the evil which brings it. Lyrically, all the evidence you need to support this previous statement is here in spades. There’s an abundance of blasphemy and menace in each of the album’s ten tracks, most notably the title track and sinister, seething closer ‘O’ Majestic Being, Here My Call’, a song which slowly but surely amounts to an eventually vicious end. Of course, this isn’t anything new to those who have listened to Hate Eternal’s previous albums, and as a matter of fact, the concepts explored here aren’t vastly different to anything beforehand. It does help that Erik Rutan’s guttural vocal approach carries off the lyrics aplomb. Indeed, when you hear him roar “Rise, infernal serpent of the sea/ Embrace me as I fall into The darkest of the dark” on ‘The Stygian Deep’.

Instrumentally, things are as solid as they can get. Whilst one or two songs here tend to lack that extra punch or vigour (the title track and ‘La Tempestad’, if we’re being precise here), the rest of the album is carried off in violent fashion, making sure that the eccentric drum work or the spiralling riffs never die too soon. That said, it’s obvious here that Hate Eternal have decided to stick to the their formula-being as brutal and as hate-filled as possible, without ever forgetting how to pen a memorable tune or ten. The drum work in particular seems to be the more focussed instrument of the three, but this is only really evidential in ‘Pathogenic Apathy’, a song which proves to be the album’s outstanding highlight because of the instrumentation alone. Nonetheless, the other two instruments keep up the flow and general pace of the record, and together you get the impression that musical chemistry here is at an all-time high.

So essentially, this is another Hate Eternal album to put amongst the band’s best works, even if it doesn’t quite reach those pre-set heights. The album is swiftly kept fresh by excellent musicianship and relentless vocal/lyrical delivery, and the band has retained that youthful energy found back when they formed in 1997. “Infernus” is the album which proves the band have still got it in them to produce some excellent, no-frills brutal, hate-filled death metal.


Released: Aug 21st, 2015

  1. Locust Swarm
  2. The Stygian Deep
  3. Pathogenic Apathy
  4. La Tempestad
  5. Infernus
  6. The Chosen One
  7. Zealot, Crusader of War
  8. Order of the Arcane Sculpture
  9. Chaos Theory
  10. O’ Majestic Being, Hear My Call



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