Five Finger Death Punch – Got Your Six


It’s hard to imagine just how Five Finger Death Punch can release so much music over the course of the last five years. With a slew of albums in such a short period of time and even a double concept release (released only last year) it becomes a testament to the band’s fans that this new face of the American heavy metal genre (yes I know they debuted back in 2007) can write, record, produce and release so much music so frequently without dropping a self-imposed standard for their music. Even the band’s debut release, ‘The Way Of The Fist’ helped outline the group’s macho styled, high octane use of strong hook line lyricism. It’s certain that Five Finger Death Punch have filled a certain little niche over the course of their careers. Fans looking for that “no-thinking”, straight-forward fist pumping slab of metal, rather than the trend-hopping, transcendental piece of thinking music that transforms where the listeneners’ place of mind rests. It’s this sort of musical thinking that has over-populated the metal community over the course of the last ten years. Sure it’s nice, but it doesn’t work for the four piece Five Finger Death Punch.

It’s no wonder that Five Finger Death Punch have dominated their simple left hand path music since launching ‘The Way Of The Fist’ back in 2007. Eight years later and Five Finger… have ensured the music they release stands true to the band’s motto. ‘Got Your Six’ continues the trend on point; no-frills music, making the most of their limited soundscapes, rehashing older ideas and somehow passing off similar ideas as something fresh. Ultimately, if you’re a fan of the group’s previous releases this is going to tick all the right boxes. Alternatively, if you were doubtful about the Five Finger Death Punch brand, ‘Got Your Six’ takes what works for them and transforms into more Five Finger Death Punch. Needless to say it’s not going to change anyone’s mind. It’s the band’s ability to creatively self-plaigarise that allows them to churn out album after album, no growth required. ‘Got Your Six’ will have fans coming back for more.

So what exactly does ‘Got Your Six’ have that the band’s other records don’t? Well, nothing really. It’s the same recipe on repeat, tweaked by different hooks and song titles. There’s nothing here that hasn’t featured on a previous album. As mentioned, the typical Five Finger… hooks are ever present as are Moody’s growled macho vocals. Also present are the down-tuned muted riffs, stomping back and forth between tracks. These are songs that will excel in most live settings, short car trips or even when grilling meats.

‘Got Your Six’ takes what works for a group happy to do the same thing time after time and reproduce singles that essentially keep the fans happy. The album’s track title (and also opener) hits hard, establishing the bro-metal soundscape Five Finger Death Punch are so infamous for. Even with a turbulent lead up to the release of the new album (onstage meltdowns, domestic abuse scandals etc), Five Finger Death Puch continue to support the political umbrella macho contextual idealisms with a fist-pumping attitude. The title track itself can be considered one of the album’s highlights simply from energy and how well it would be received in a live setting. The “don’t look back, cause I got your six” may be super corn-y, but it works on an emotive, high-octane, sing-a-long level. Surprising the album’s debut single “Jekyll And Hyde” is the record’s truest highlight; taking an alternitive media source, wrapping some loose imagery and a decent metaphor for people at large, the track placates those who think that Five Finger… can’t run with clever ideas. Whether you like the band or not, you can’t really deny just how well done that track really is.

Overall rating this album is a head scratcher. For fans, knowing they like it it would be hard to simply dismiss most of what has been said above. Even if this is your favourite album of the year 2015, you know deep down that musically, this isn’t that good. From a commercial stand point you wonder how this will relate on various sales charts (with some charts already posting ‘Got Your Six’ in the number three spot behind Iron Maiden’s newest offering), showing there is a fanbase out there, loving/buying/downloading new Five Finger Death Punch material. For the actual guys releasing the music, chances are they take a page from pop songstress Taylor Swift and “Shake It Off”, showing that a spray of negativity in the press means nothing to them. ‘Got Your Six’ may be hugely average across the board, but it’s what people want from this now established band – take it or leave it metal.


1. “Got Your Six”
2. “Jekyll and Hyde”
3. “Wash It All Away”
4. “Ain’t My Last Dance”
5. “My Nemesis”
6. “No Sudden Movement”
7. “Question Everything”
8. “Hell To Pay”
9. “Digging My Own Grave”
10. “Meet My Maker”
11. “Boots and Blood”

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
“You’re Not My Kind”
“This Is Not My War”
“I Apologize”

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