Soilwork – The Ride Majestic

Soilwork - The Ride Majestic

Soilwork have existed for two decades, that is a remarkable achievement and in a general sense that longevity should relate to a solid consistent lineup. But that is not the case with Soilwork, they unassumingly go about their business and release nothing but quality. However have had seventeen members throughout the years, and could almost be considered a collective with only Björn “Speed” Strid remaining from the original incarnation.

The Ride Majestic is the tenth full album release from the Sweedish band out of Helsingborg, currently signed to Nuclear Blast, ‘The Ride Majestic is a tale of strength, passion and creativity with enough driving force to blow all their European counterparts, especially those assuming the melodic death metal banner to pieces.

The Ride Majestic is a dark album, while melody weaves its way throughout most of the tracks here it’s the ominous tone and lyrical content on display that form the atmospheric backbone. During the course of the writing and recording, the band were dealt with the deaths of a number of people close to them. Naturally this has played a big part in the final output, we are not talking funeral doom here, but a trip that explores the finality of every journey through thunderous melodic metal. The production is flawless as usual, the sound is heavy, crisp and transparent, with each instrument allowed enough weight within the mix. Perhaps a little clean for some, but this sound is synonymous with the Eurpoean Melodic Death Metal.

The Ride Majestic is a strong and consistent release, it’s not ground-breaking in any sense though, ‘Alight in the Aftermath’ is a monster of a track that would fit right in alongside Killswitch Engage, the same track has a recurrent riff reminiscent of Enslaved while Trivium at their best seeps through on ‘Death in General’ . Given the bands long history, its relevant to suggest that its Soilwork that are the innovators and that the others are forging the alignments. Whatever the case may be, the sounds are not revolutionary. What The Ride Majestic is though is a very good heavy metal release, gone is the stale Melodic Death Metal trappings and with that comes a fresh focus of releasing really great metal, riffs galore, perfectly timed solo’s, thunderous drumming and characteristic bass.

Another quality notch on the Soilwork discography. Recommended



1 – The Ride Majestic

2 – Alight in the Aftermath

3 – Death in General

4 – Enemies in Fidelity

5 – Petrichor by Sulphur

6 – The Phantom

7 – The Ride Majestic (Aspire Angelic)

8 – Whirl of Pain

9 – All Along Echoing Paths

10 – Shining Lights

11 – Father And Son, Watching the World Go Down

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